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Re: Is histamine intolerance related to Adrenal Fatigue?

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Is histamine intolerance related to Adrenal Fatigue?

YES! OMG the histamine issues I have been having lately are so bad that currently I am having allergic reactions to every single thing I put in my mouth. Even white sushi rice, which is supposed to be the most mild thing. It's like my body is attacking anything that comes into it. All this started really bad after I went into anaphylaxis after eating some chicken with tumeric. Now I am eating a rice cereal meant for babies, 4 tbsp at a time. I am still reacting to it, but not as violently as everything else.

When I eat this cereal, I get headache, dizzy, queasy, joint/muscle pain, mild throat swelling, mild feeling of flushing but don't turn red, and some mild itching. Oh and I get freezing cold for about 30 min.

Anything else- chest tightens, full blown nausea or diahrrea, anxiety, flushing in face, tingling face/lips...all the way up to anaphylaxis.

I am going to see an allergist who specializes in mast cell disorders next week. I believe that the true underlying cause of my AF/CFS is definitely related to allergies- particularly mast cell activation disorder or mastocytosis. This thing has been slowly progressing for about a year now and I've finally made the connection.

Through food elimination, I have determined I am sensitive to amines, sulfur, and salicylates. Doesn't leave much on the menu! But for some reason right now (I believe the pollen outside and possible mold in my house) my mast cells are on high alert and are reacting to ANYTHING that touches my mouth. The reactions happen as soon as I start chewing, even before I swallow! These are not mere food intolerances . I'm also getting reactions to emotional stress, loud music, car rides, even being on the computer for too long. But its not like a Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome reaction where I just get tired. I am actually awake and have energy, I just get hot, itchy, nauseus, tight chest. I've gotten hives and rashes in the past but they usually creep up on me. Its a vicious cycle- avoid emotional stress = lessen the blow of reaction. But eating is pure trauma! Not knowing how you're going to react to something from one minute to the other is pure hell :( I meditate and talk to myself each time I eat. I look like a total loon to anyone who is watching this!

This also explains why I am so sensitive to medications and fillers in supplements.

I wake up every morning in severe body pain, but after moving around a bit it subsides. Then I feel pretty good- have energy, stomach feels ok etc UNTIL I eat. As soon as I eat I feel like crap. I'm done for the day.

Thank God I'm not hypoglycemic anymore. I'm eating about 100 calories a day right now if that. Dropped almost 10 lbs in less than 2 weeks, looking like a cancer patient. It's gotten to the point that I am considering rectal feeding to bypass the digestive system completely because I am so hungry and know my body needs nutrients.

Went to my GP yesterday and of course he looked at me like I was nuts, offered me a PPI (which of course I did not take!) and took blood and urine.

Called this morning to tell me that my labs are better than perfect and my thyroid is in top shape. While this is good news (I was diagnosed hypothyroid 6 months ago), it still provides no answers to these crazy allergies.

I have not had a CDI yet, but the fact that these reactions begin as soon as something touches my mouth tells me that there is more than a pathogen issue going on here. Hopefully this allergist will be able to give me some answers before I starve to death!

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