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Re: Heart palpitation/arrhythmia after taking Serrapeptase!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Heart palpitation/arrhythmia after taking Serrapeptase!

Hi Rick, I hope your doing okay it seems like this is an old thread. Anyway if your still there I have been going through some of the same symptoms and I have some information that could help.

I use serrepeptase and i don't think that is the cause of any problems it should be something that actually helps with arrhythmia as far as i know.

I got IBS, Candida, Gallstones, heart Arrhythmia, Prostate issues, and Peptic Ulcers/ occasional Acid reflux/ heart burn plus a few food allergies like gluten and dairy. I am a firm believer that i can reverse all this. I am seeing my doctor, Acupuncture, nutritionist, and a practitioner in Ayurveda. I am doing a series of liver and gall bladder flushes and starting regular Ayurvedic practices and lifestyle.

For ulcers fresh cabbage juice 3 times a day for 10 days is really good! I did it for 5 days and my old juicer broke but it was very good and i didn't have issues for a while. I bet if i did 10 days it would have completely cured it like people have claimed on other websites. Also Manuka honey 15+ NPA or OMF rating works very good too! and it seems like the manuka honey had some other positive side effects for my digestive tract.

For digestion issues Manuka honey and Cabbage is great but in general from my experiences and from my knowledge stay away from cold drinks Cold/ raw things are not good and neither are dry light things. Better to have things cooked or at least warm and easier to break down and digest. Things like chewing really good and focusing on your food while eating being thankful for what your eating and knowing that it is going to become you! For issues with not having enough bowel movements u can have phyllium husk 2 tbsp with water to make it thick drink it down and then 2 cups of water to clear your system out on an empty stomach also a glass a water with benonite clay before is good i think too for gathering the toxins so u can get them out of your body with the phyllium husk. In my case i'm avoiding even fruits specially dry fruits because they aggravate digestive issues specially raw apples give me huge gas just like a gas ball playing pin ball in my colon or just all over my abdomen.

For heart arrhythmia It is said that people should really avoid salt have a bit of exercise and avoid all stimulants like coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate and even marijuana which is the only stimulant i use but i use it often for me this is the last thing after giving up cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, any wheat, or dairy and it is not easy because it has helped me deal with pain and stress and also been a good crutch for getting my mind off those other habit forming things. Now i have to just depend on my meditation good support from people and faith in myself and my victory over my health challenges!

For me it is a gradual progression now to perfection just being aware of what activities and foods have what type of effect on my body and in general and as i find the causes of all my symptoms i'll make the required changes and when symptoms are stopped by treating the cause there can be a natural repairing of the body specially when my liver and gall bladder are clear of all the stones i've already had 3 successful flushes and one more next week.

If you got any questions about the details of my health regime let me know also i am not working and i have a free schedule so i can cook my own food most of the time and do as much as i can. I hope this helps someone.

this is my first post of cure zone, i love this site it has helped me so much!


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