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Re: Can Adrenal Fatigue cause Candida infection?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Can Adrenal Fatigue cause Candida infection?

Dr. Bakker

Thank you for putting together such a coprehensive resource on candida problem. I stared reading it yesterday and found it very informative.

After reading all the replies I'm almost sure that I do have Candida problem.
I have other health issues such as Hep C and acute liver failure due to tylenol overdose which I didn't mention because I don't think either of them cause my present symptoms.
I was treated for the acute liver failure in 2011 with N-Acetyl -Cysteine which was administered within a few hours after the poisoning which virtually guarantees minimal degree of liver damage as far as I know. It was a very dark chapter of my life, so I hate to think about it. I recovered in 5-6 days and still didn't have any of the digestive issues I have now. My liver enzymes are low and all the labs are fine as of December 2012. It doesn't make sense that the liver damage cauught up with me only now...
As for the Hep C I didn't know I had it until 2011. It happens to be one of the weaker genotypes (3a) with a relatively small viral load. I was never sick with anything until 2010 at all, so I have no idea how long I had it for but whatever the timeframe might be it was asymptomatic. Anyway why would Hep C flare up like that after I happened to eat a grapefruit?... The symptoms would be more constant then...

My AF was brought on by years of taking stimulants for ADD and benzos for anxiety. Since 2011 I also took a few antidepressants. Currently I'm off everything and slowly tapering off Xanax.

Apparently I have more health problems that I can remember. Considering all this I feel like a million bucks now and shouldn't even complain at all.
It's just strange that my digestion is getting worse when I'm trying to do everything right. I haven't drank any alcohol since 2011, I avoid Sugar and junk food, live in a perfect environment, do yoga, meditate and have regular sleep schedule.

I remember two instances when I had horrible reaction after eating candy. It hapened on X-mas and Valentines day when I had a bad AF crash after eating a chocolate bar. I normally don't eat ANY sugar. I assumed it was due to hypoglycemia (I didn't have a blood glucose monitor around) but could it be due to yeast infection?... It probably drained my adrenals of the last drop of cortisol and that's why I couldn't even stand up the following day. And strangely eating chocolate produced flu like symptoms too.

Also since I went on the diet of mostly eggs and almonds I felt much better. I attributed it to the fact that my blood Sugar was more stable but it could have been both the stable blood glucose level as well as taking control of the yeast infection. Only now I know that eggs and nuts happen to be anti Candida foods.

The more I think about it it makes more sense to me now.

I have few questions though:

Is it common for Candida patients to have lw grade fever of 99-99.5 when their yeas infection gets worse?

Is it common to feel extremely sleepy following ingestion of any sugary foods such as fruit or a few trail mix bars?

Which supplements should I add for treating the yeast infestion if I'm already taking these for my AF:

- lipo c 3000 mg
- lipo Glutathione 285 mg
- NAC 1200 mg and undenatured whey protein as Glutathione precursors
- pantethine 100 mg + pantothenic acid 1000 mg
- magnesium 400-800 mg
- collagen
- L- Carnitine, CoQ10, D-Ribose
- inositol
- 5 HTP

I'm taking a multivitamin ( Solgar - Earth Source) as well because my diet is so limited and I don't eat almost any any plant-based foods. It has so much stuff in it that I can't possibly mention.

I also take N-Acetyl-Tyrosine for energy and mood. I recently stopped taking very potent pharmaceutical stimulants, so I thought it's ok to take for some time to avoid creating such a shock to the body. Is drinking some teas with a little caffeine in it acceptable or is it better to stay away from caffeine in presence of the yeast infection?

Are there any herbs that might be helpful?

I'm going to add some probiotics, quercetin and bromelain soon and I'm taking some digestive enzymes.

I'm going to introduce some complex carbohydrates in my diet such as buckweat and quinoa since my blood Sugar is perfect now ( it's such a relief!!!) Is this ok for treating the yeast infection or should I stick with high protein/high fat? I think I'm depriving my boy of essential nutrients by eating like that for long time.

I just started my research on this subject that's why I have so many questions:)

Thank you

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