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Re: Not exactly...
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Not exactly...

== Good questions.

"My question to you Joe is, if ALA is in the body naturally 'every day', then why take it as a supplement?"

== The body only receives tiny amounts of ALA from certain foods. We are taking much larger amounts.

"Secondly, where are the studies or ANY research that backs up Cutler's frequent dosing claims?"

== Cutler was heavily influenced by the "Leskova" and "Gregus" studies.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 1992 May;114(1):88-96
Effect of lipoic acid on biliary excretion of glutathione and metals.
Gregus Z, Stein AF, Varga F, Klaassen CD
Department of Pharmacology, University Medical School of Pecs, Hungary.

TITLE: [Protective effect of lipoic acid amide in experimental mercurialism]
VERNACULAR TITLE: Zashchitnyi effekt amida lipoevoi kisloty pri eksperimental'nom merkurializme.
SOURCE: Gig Tr Prof Zabol 1979 Jun;(6):27-30

"And finally, where is the research that shows that say, twice daily dosing of ALA has any detrimental effect as per Cutler's claims?"

== One of the key elements of Cutler's method is avoiding redistribution of mercury--Hg--from parts of the body that are not very vulnerable to it, to parts of the body that are quite vulnerable to it. His view is that a person can chelate incorrectly, have much less Hg in the body afterwards, but be more Hg poisoned from the redistribution to the most sensitive organs--brain, liver, thyroid, adrenals.

== Also Boyd Haley makes a point at the end of this long presentation about a hormone receptor for ACTH and some other pituitary hormones. He says it hold onto Hg about as well as anything can. He points out that the level of ACTH in the body is similar to the amount of Hg in a person who has quite a few Amalgam fillings.

== Check out Cutler's comments on the Gregus paper. The rats that received the lipoic acid excreted more Hg than controls but also ended up with *more* Hg in the brain than controls. He explains why.

== I'm sorry to hear that the consult with Julie A was disappointing to you. I've heard a number of positive reports in the Yahoo chelation groups from those who have used her, but also a couple of reports from disappointed members.

== I am not aware that osteoarthritis is a mercury symptom. I have not been hearing from members of the chelation groups that chelation resolved osteo-arthritis. I've never heard that Julie had a heavy metal problem.

== There are links to some encouraging reports in the Chelation Progress Reports folder in the Yahoo Frequent Dose Chelation group's Links. However, I have no indication that this is a quick fix. It seems to usually take 2+ years to get >80% of the eventual gains from the treatment.

== The exception might be the young autistic kids as seen in this little study by a doctor and mom of an autistic boy.
Dr. Amy Holmes. Early results with autistic children while using a variation of the Cutler Protocol.

Roughly 58% of children under 12 (75% < age 6) made "moderate" or greater improvement in less than a year.
Additional Information on this study.

== This type of exchange of ideas is very important. Hg is one of the most toxic elements. While we want to reduce the levels in our bodies, the higher goal is to be healthy! We don't want to make ourselves more sick in the process of reducing the levels of Hg.

== Best regards,

== Joe

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