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Mirena Horror Story
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Published: 9 years ago

Mirena Horror Story

I wasn't feeling well and didn't understand why. I do know that my periods were about 17 days apart and definitely not normal so i went to 3 different doctors for help. The first sent me away because at the time was without insurance and it would have cost too much money to do the testing they needed, mind you, not even offering a pregnancy test. The second couldn't get me in for 3 weeks. The third doctor i went to sent me to a larger hospital for a couple different ultrasounds. They guessed it was a cyst on my ovary finally bursting. Due to the diagnosis and because my periods were not normal at about 17 days apart insisted on putting me on birth control. I accept and decided on Mirena since she insisted it would be the best fit. Now, keep in mind i didn't read the warnings as she seemed so sure. Well at my 6 week check up at putting it in i explained my symptoms have not only been the same...except a period, but were worse. She got worried and then i had a pee test. It came out POSITIVE..."What?!?" I thought, then a feeling of excitement came over me. She said well let's get the Mirena out since this was not needed and harmful to the baby. When she went in to grab it, it had migrated out of position and later i found out attached to my uterine wall. At this point i was sent to get an ultrasound again and found out i was 13 weeks pregnant...meaning pregnant when she put it in! I was so angry...they can't take the Mirena out because it is dangerous for me and the baby and they didn't notice in the ultrasound or my prior pee test i was pregnant. I from there went to one of the best doctors in town since it then became a high-risk pregnancy and prayed to not stress out and that everything was going to be okay. Well, it wasn't. At 18 and a half weeks pregnant my water broke due to the mirena puncturing the amniotic sac and the baby was under developed. There was no saving her. Yes, not even a week earlier i found out i was having a girl. I cried with excitement and now I'm in tears writing this because there was nothing anyone could have done. I was wet that night my water broke and didn't understand why. So, naturally, i called the doctor's office. A woman I spoke to told me it was normal. The next morning i started bleeding heavily and went to the ER. They had no idea what was going on and not until 5 hours later when my doctor came in and checked on me he then told me water broke. Then he had to explain i wasn't going to keep my daughter and there was nothing they could do. He said i would have her within a week and apologized. That poor man i still remember the look on his face. At this point i had to accept reality...he couldn't do anything to save her. I was released went home and then that night was in the most horrible pain i ever felt...going into labor...not that i knew at the time but waited until my contractions were 5 minutes a piece for about 3 hours hoping it would go away. Finally, went to the ER had to wait an hour and a half before they would admit me. Telling me that if i was 19 weeks then they could put me in the birthing center right away. I was not happy but couldn't voice my opinion of this as i was in extreme agony. I then was admitted and taken to the birthing center after pain treatment when my doctor got there and proceeded to do what i couldn't and yell at the emergency staff for this situation. I gave birth to my daughter on 3-17 two days after arriving and being induced. I held her alive but without functioning lungs and a brain for a few hours. I had to bury my daughter a week later. OMG please don't get Mirena put in...there are other methods of birth control.

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