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Re: Can tooth heal by itself after taking mercury filling out with no fillings put in after?

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Can tooth heal by itself after taking mercury filling out with no fillings put in after?

Hi waterfasting,

I feel for you i'm in a similar position. I don't have Hyperthyroidism but i get fluttering in the neck and chest pains memory concentration food allergies ect...

One thing i would like to add that i didn't see on this post is that Diet is huge!!

Dr. Weston Price (most famous dentist in history) concluded from the diets of different cultures around the world that if you eliminate Sugar and carbs or at least the vast majority of carbs then your bone + teeth with regrow! I'm doing it now and i swear after a day my gums and teeth are feeling better. Moreover i know it works because i did the Candida cleanse with my nutritionists help about 9 months back and i did it for about 3 months straight not even any fruit. And when i saw my dentist he was soooo shook. He said you must be flossing more or brushing more he was pretty speechless all he could say was everything is okay and he ran off. But i could tell in his demeanor that there was something more that he couldn't explain so he didn't mention it because it didn't make any sense. That was the only dentist checkup in my whole life that the dentist ever said anything positive about my teeth and it was a huge positive the way he said it! All my life i have loved carbs like bread, rice, oatmeal, also sugars, jams and chocolates.

Oh yeah and one more thing read up on Phytic acid. That's one of the main things you want to cut out because it is a anti nutrient that leaches out minerals and it is in a lot of carbs and can be reduced or eliminated through proper food prep. Ex. you may be able to eat beans and quinoa stuff like that if you sprout, soak and ferment foods.

I hope you get into the right state of mind about this because i think that is a necessary first step.

1. Make it clear in your mind that you are going to remove your amalgum fillings(maybe root canals too)and totally detoxify your body after. Like i mean if it takes the rest of your life your going to make this a priority before everything else and your life will not continue until this is completed. Doesn't matter what you have to do, work two jobs (80 hours a week) or do some nasty work that pays a lot like dressing dead bodies for funerals, working in remote areas like oil rig pay a lot; it doesn't matter there is a way to get this done and you will find it. This thinking will make sure you do it and then you can go on living your life happily, healthy and prosperous.

2. Time to make yourself a researcher, doctor and scientist.
A good one too. You are only one that cares and that you can trust; your motives are pure and sincere doctors often times don't care or are not even knowledgeable. To take command is the only way. Listen to doctors and people on the internet but you make the command decision. You are listening to someone who completely abused his body for many many years, coming from a difficult house where everyone had health problems, i never had good grades and i learned all this stuff while smoking at least 10 joints of marijuana a day. IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT! HAVE FAITH!! AND YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY!!!

3. Action, put action behind your faith and show yourself that you are confident in your outcome. Each time you make an action towards your goal it shows that you believe that it will happen. Likewise when you do the opposite.

I have removed 1/3 of my mercury and going for the rest very soon.
I can say from experience I took Selenium, Chlorella, A-NAC and a bit of Cilantro which are good for detox but I used them too early and they gave me really bad headaches that were not normal plus other symptoms so make sure you don't listen to all the info on the website for detox because i know your like me and you want to get rid of the bad stuff specially when it is causing you these symptoms and you know it is in your brain and the just the thought it uncomfortable.
Any Cutlers seems to be the best way, Although i'm not sure about Selenomethionine because Selenium gave me trouble and read it combines into a compound with mercury which goes into your brain and is even harder to detox later.

I'm myself really changed a lot of my habits that no longer were serving me. Smoking, any alcohol, refined foods (cook at home mostly) and i lost about 40 pounds! it is really easy to do just change your diet, 15 mins exercise in the morning before breakfast and don't eat anything 3 hours before sleep.( sleep at 10 is best for body/mind healing)

I would say in my opinion. Change your diet immediately, veggies for breakfast, veggies for lunch, veggies for dinner! Have good fats with them and you don't need to worry about fats they are good for you, fats don't make you fat unless you have carbs or sugar!!! your body will go into a fat burning mode instead of carbs and you will have more energy too! You will feel better after one day i promise. If you are a meat eater thats nice you can have some meat but avoid having it for dinner because it doesn't digest well at that time. Dinner you want a light meal and eat well before you sleep. Never starve youself!!! Eat when hungry but don't snack when not hungry so you can melt all fat. Have good stuff like vit C, Zinc, Magnesium, lots of water make sure your bowels are working daily. Before you go for a removal.
After they are all gone. Then I think the best strategy is to remove the mercury from fat outside of brain a great start is losing the fat from your body which by this point you are in pretty good shape. If not you can use supplements that clear mercury toxicity from body( do not cross blood brain barrier) like Chlorella, Cilantro, Alpha L Acid, Selenium and maybe others. Then when you have cleaned up that stuff as much as you can you go for the blood brain barrier stuff like Chlorella, Cilantro, Alpha L acid and when you do that it comes out easy because it goes into less diluted fatty tissue that you have cleaned already. They also say you should keep the Chelation(circulation of toxins) going constantly until they all get moved out of feces/ urine. instead of moving around a bit comes out and then resettle somewhere else causing other problems. You keep Chelation going until they are all out of you.

Humm what else can i think of. I'm sure theres something else i can say and i'm sure there is still some other things i don't know. So keep on learning, we got to be scientists!

And if you don't want to get them filled keep looking for a natural regrow strategy i am very interested in this belief that you can pop fillings out and regrow the whole made by dentists which is great to hear:)

I think those posts by dog treating people make sense he helped the dog. But my feeling is it is minor compared to diet. I will look into using it with my diet to get better results!

Removal of all and replace with composite probably cost you about 2k go talk to all the Bio Dentist around(kinda dentist + natropath) they will remove it with care giving u a oxygen mask. Bargan a bit ask for cash discounts, dental school are an option too! specially if you extract them with bio dentist then do fillings with dental school which saves a bunch of money. Don't remove them all at once. Do it in 3 or 4 visits and then replace them all with composite. I would recommend Zerconia because it is the best possible material and lasts basically forever (which they make then put in) But I am very

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