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Thank You Nutritional Balancing
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Published: 10 years ago

Thank You Nutritional Balancing

Hi All,


I am by no means fully recovered, but doing much much better.   I really when I look back at the symptoms that I used to have, that I haven’t had for ages, that I know I am making progress


I can’t credit this all to NB.  I have been doing lots and lots of meditation over the last couple of years, as well as breathing exercises.  Although these are encouraged as part of NB.  


I have also been earthing and doing several other things to protect myself from EMF.


Anyway, here is the update.


No Anxiety.

No more afternoon energy crashes.  

No more brain fog.

No more heart palpitations

I no longer have an exaggerated startle response

I don’t worry about everything...all the time.  I am fully aware of major problems in the world.  I just don’t worry about them anymore.

No more bone ache or bone pain.

No more heart palpitations

No brain fog

No hypervigilance (exaggerated startle response)

No longer constantly worry about everything

No more bone pain / ache

No more muscle cramps

No more salt cravings

No more air hunger or shortness of breath

Reduced urinary urgency. Fluids do not pass straight through me like they used to.

No more nasal drip, or plugged sinus

No more light sensitivity

No more bloating and constant gas

No more muscle cramping in the morning.  I used to wake up a stretch...and my legs would cramp bad.

No more dark circles under my eyes

No more tinnitus (ringing in ears)

No more cold Hands and Feet (cold extremities)

No more heat sensitivity. Intolerant of high temperatures.

No more electrosensitivity


And here are a couple I didn’t think were ever going to go away.   

Things are going to get a little graphic.  I apologize to the women on the forum, but the information is too valuable to not share.


No more chronic pelvic pain.  This used to be brutal.  My prostate felt like a softball for years.


No more premature ejaculation (had that since 2003....10-years).  When I did have enough libido to get an erection, I could not last 2 minutes.   Basically had to tell my wife to stop moving.  Magnesium oil and even Buteyko Breathing helped the prostate a little, since they both reduce inflammation.


Well.... the other day we had the first good sex we have had in 10-yrs.   Probably lasted about 30-minutes. It felt fantastic for both of us.   I was so happy.  There is nothing more depressing for a man than feeling almost impotent.  My wife & I have been essentially roommates and friends for the last 10-yrs and not lovers.


I know this is heavy metals coming out.  About to get even more graphic. Very sorry, but again.....the intelligence is too important not to share. Won’t be posting this on Facebook (However, I’m sure NSA know who I am...but I digress)


Back to how I know I have a lot of heavy metals “down there”. wife is also doing the NB program and often gets a metallic taste in her mouth, which is a common sign of detoxing.  One of my sisters on the NB program has been getting a metallic taste as well.


Anywhooooo....My wife knows what heavy metals taste like.   And we finished sex in a manner that she got to taste something.  Instead of tasting salty, it tasted like metals.


Again...sorry for being so graphic.


I still have a loooong way to go. But I know I am moving in the right direction.  


I really never thought we would have enjoyable sex again.  


I thought about going anonymous on this post....but wanted the NB naysayers to see that I have a long history on these forums, tried many things, and am not a plant from ARL or TEI




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