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Re: How many of you KNOW it was candida ? (AF sufferer)
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How many of you KNOW it was candida ? (AF sufferer)

Fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, diagnosed with keratosis pilaris at 16, hair loss all over and a couple bald patches now, severe scalp itching when that started and small red bumps were seen on my scalp, ears itch, skin ulcers that do not heal for months on arms, legs, back, abdomen, glass like slivers coming from my scalp as well..not recently but within the last 12 months ..they are about maybe a little larger than a grain of white rice..clear, but tinted pink and or red. Feeling things move on my scalp..was checked for lice and the obvious stuff several times of the ulcers on my right shoulder ..well I felt something there and reached my hand around felt like about 1/4 inch of a worm sticking out..I remember panicking and trying too grab it...the pieces on my hand were was gross..I just cried. I tried lice shampoo once..after putting Wormwood extract on my scalp..(it was severely itching) and they had started to run..the lice shampoo caused me to get bit VERY hard and I now have sores there..not self I cannot reach them. I had my left leg start hurting an inch or so down from the ulcer on my left thigh..the pain progressively got worse and traveled down my leg to my foot..then back up to my left buttock culminating in an all leg Charlie horse and left sole of my foot to go numb. The pain was horrific..went to the E.R. as these are deep vein embolism symptoms and I kinda knew it wasn't that already due to the feeling like something was traveling up and down my leg through my veins or lymph..I know it sounds crazy...and at this point, I wish I was. Also short term memory loss, vision changes, headaches that are bad, anemia and depression. The doc did a CBC at the E.R. it showed elevated lymphocytes and neutrophils... btw my son, who is 13, is autistic (atypical autism -asperger's), ADHD (we both are), bi-polar, anxiety disorder and boderline personality...I breast fed him and he had thrush, a. fungus on his scalp (diagnosed by doc) and craves carbs like nobody's business do I. Sorry it's so long lol..I've been sick for a looong time
my official dx arre fibromyalgia, anxiety, ADHD, degenerative disc/bone disease, diverticulitis, intersticial cystitis

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