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Argument for oil pulling
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Published: 10 years ago
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Argument for oil pulling

I have noticed many speculations on the forum around HOW the oil pulling works and whether or not it pulls out the bacteria from the blood stream. And I agree that the argument that oil pulls out the bacteria directly from the blood stream is hard to uphold.

But even without it, oil pulling works.

The oil doesn't need to pull the bacteria out of the blood for it to work.

It is easy to understand knowing how bacteria works - it needs certain conditions to grow rapidly and so the first phase of infection is the 'preparation' rather than rapid growth. So at the beginning bacteria produces lots of food for itself - a type of protein, before the rapid, exponential growth starts. And then it gets crazy until there is nothing to feed off.

So until it has optimal conditions it won't growth rapidly:) so logically, it won't growth if the phase of preparation is disturbed. because it has nothing to feed off.

Now, where most of the bacteria gets into the body if not through the mouth. Mouth is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and from there is goes into the blood stream and all the organs. It is known that bacteria in the mouth excretes a glue-like substance that is attached to the enamel (preparing optimal conditions to breed).

Even if oil pulling clears this protein, we are already better off as we are not providing a steady flow of bacteria to other organs. So a better question to ask would be - does oil pulling disturbs the breeding ground and destroys the protein bacteria feeds off. And there is quite a bit of evidence that it does. The clean feel after the oil pulling session confirms this to me.

There is quite a lot of research showing that many health conditions from strokes to cancer are linked to the conditions of the mouth. To the point that saliva testing can tell us what diseases we are prone to, or what conditions are already developing inside the body

This is what a research done back in 2006 demonstrated:
"A wide range of proteins, nucleic acids, hormones, pharmaceuticals, and pathogens can be measured in saliva, making it an excellent candidate for rapid detection and screening of biomarkers for conditions like caries, periodontal disease, osteoporosis, infectious diseases, and cancer,”

Oil pulling may not clear the pathogens that are already in the blood system - but if we clear the breeding ground and prevent more of them flowing onto the blood stream, the body can deal with what is already there. That's what we have the organs like liver or kidneys for.

So to me, oil pulling is really about dismantling the enemy at its base. and replacing bacteria in the mouth, bacteria we don't want to have with bacteria that aids digestion and health.

And I believe this is what oil pulling does.

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