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Why is my hair falling out? HELP PLEASE
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Published: 8 years ago

Why is my hair falling out? HELP PLEASE

I don't know what's going on with body and I don't even know where to begin to treat it...I started having stomach and abdomen pains in late May. All through June I went through several tests. The only thing they could show me was at one point I had hypokalemia(potassium deficiency) and later they told me to take some B12. The endoscopy showed gastritis. They told me to take omeprazole,and that I needed to be on it for a long time. What a bunch of crap.I don't believe that I should take something to mask the problem, you don't get gastritis for no reason right? I am underweight and when this first started I began to drink about 3 ensure drinks a day for weight gain, as suggested by my gyno.(tons of Sugar in each..about 22g) I began to get severe pains in my knees and legs. Eventually I found a worm in my stool one day,so I bought some paragon herbs and went on a diet of only water, green tea, almond milk, fish/chicken, brown rice,veggies, eggs, and almonds. About a week before the cleanse my hair began to shed every day, when I brush and when I wash it, really it just falls out regardless. The aches in my knees got completely better after being on the diet so I believe the Sugar and other things I was eating before was the cause. I was also eating lots of raw garlic every day. I did several salt water flushes. I got out a lot of roundworms and eventually stopped seeing them after a month so I am no longer taking the herbs. My gastritis isn't any better, hair is still falling out, and I had been having an odor in my vagina for a while too, so I began to suspect I have candida overgrowth as well. I feel like I am suffering from malabsorption,I see undigested food in my stools every day,plus I can't put on any weight. I look sick. The pain in my knees is starting to come back and I know it's because I started cheating a little. I ate oatmeal with stevia, some potato chips here and there. I can't tell if fruit bothers me, because my stomach is always so bloated no matter what I eat. I always eat fruit on an empty stomach so it doesn't ferment. I need my hair to stop falling out, or soon I will need to get a wig. I have no energy and sometimes get really faint. I couldn't even drive my car for the longest time for fear of blacking out at the wheel. I recently got a job so now I just deal with it. I would like to know exactly why my hair is falling out. Is it the toxins from the parasites that may still be in there? The toxins from candida? Malabsorption because I may have leaky gut? Or I am hypothyroid? My thyroid was tested in June and it was fine,but I know these things can come on suddenly, and the test may not have even been accurate. Another thing I'm thinking is maybe my stomach acid is too low. Low acidity means poor digestion, which leaves food for candida and parasites to munch on. I read that low hcl can cause gastritis, candida, and parasites.So do I treat the gastritis first? How would I even do that? I am currently taking tons of supplements. Betaine HCLw/ pepsin 650mg before each meal(I took 4 for breakfast today, I now have a lump in my throat so I think 3 is what I need)500 mcg biotin, fish oil twice a day, a 50mgzinc 2mg copper 53mcg Iodine pill, a b-complex, nexabiotic probiotic twice a day, 65mg iron, 3 grams of MSM with chlorella, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 1000mcg of liquid b12.None of these seem to make a difference in my energy levels or hair loss. I also did a one week round of candidase, never saw any sign of candida in my stool. I have done one Liver Flush and I got about 80-100 stones out but I think it released a lot of toxins through my skin because it became greasy all over and I have Acne on my face and body. My hair is super greasy and I have a lot of dandruff, this may be because I don't wash it much anymore. I did my first coffee enema last night but I must have done it wrong because I got a headache afterwards. I felt really ill last night and it may have been the coconut oil causing die off, but then again no signs of candida in my stool.I just need some adivce, sorry for the long post I just feel so lost about how to treat myself. I am a 20 yr old female, 5'2 90 ish pounds if this helps.

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