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Published: 16 years ago
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The conscious, subconscious and superconscious are to me simple new names, for the carnal mind, soul and spirit of the Apostle Paul and our utmost effort should be put forward to a full cultivation of all three."

Wow, I think this woman was on the right path !

from what i learned from that pastor who is led to write those non-profit books- we are a triune being.

Here's what he says in the book, "The Natural and Spiritual Man"

"Man, according to 1st Thessalonians 5:23, is a triune being, possessing a spirit, soul and body. The most important part is the spirit, followed by the soul, then the body. The spirit in man is what links him to God and is the vehicle through which divine communication is possible. "it is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand" (job 32:8). And in Proverbs 20:27, we read: "The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all his innermost parts."

The soul on the otherhand, is the seat of man's emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Man's spirit and soul are both housed in a physical body. When the spirit in man is subject to God, the soul and body are under the direct control and influence of his spirit. When it is not, the soul dominates his life, in which case the spirit is either dormant or dead. Under the spirit's command, the body becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit and serves as an instrument (channel) of righteousnesss.

Under the soul's dominion, the body becomes the instrument of unrighteousness and sin (Romans 6:12, 13)

In the natural man, the soul (psyche) is the dominant and ruling force governing his life. His conduct and actions are dictated by his personal feelings, desires and thoughts. Whatever fails to please and satisfy the soul or self has no meaning or purpose for the natural man. A good illustration is found in Esau. He despised and sold his birthright for a bowl of lentils. Satisfying his physical needs meant more to him tnan an intangible spiritual reality (Gen. 25:29-34). Another case in point are the Athenians of St. Paul's day. They refused to accept the Gospel message, which they judged as sheer nonsense, because it did not appeal to their intellect (Acts 17:16-32)........

..... The natural man, then , includes all who live by the dictates of thier soul, wether educated or uneducated, saved or unsaved. In fact, the sad and undeniable truth is that most professing Christians fall in this catagory. A classic example are the Corinthian believers, who were, for the most part, still acting like ordinary men, hence unspiritual (1st Corinthians 3:1-4)


"The spiritual man is the direct opposite and counterpart of the natural man. In the spiritual man the spirit, rather than the soul, is the dominant and ruling force. His conduct is not determined by his personal feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes. Whatever is expressed by his soul originates in and reflects the attitude of his spirit, as in Mary's song of praise and adoration. Her soul magnified the Lord, not self because her spirit was subject to God (Luke 1:46, 47)

A person is spiritual only when his spirit, soul and body are in complete submission to and in agreement with the Holy Spirit. The life of a spiritual person is God-conscious and God-centered. He is able to see what the natural man is blind to, hear what the natural man is deaf to, and discern what the natural man cannot understand. His senses, quicken and perfected by the Holy Spirit, are ever alert, attentive and receptive to the invisible realities of the Spirit, even when these realities are beyond the grasp of his intellect.

As long as the spiritual man remains united to and in subjection to God, his spirit is receptive to the realities of heaven and will continue to be enlightened. But the moment he rejects the light of heaven or refuses to heed God's voice to his spirit, the soul once again assumes control and reasserts itself. The spirit then loses its quickening influence upon the soul and , unless restored, eventually dies, even as a candle which , having lost the glow of its brightness, first flickers and then goes out.

No longer spiritual, the individual reverts to the attitudes of the natural man and manifests his attributes."

IMPORTANT NOTE: From what I gather-- a person who is in the correct balance-- who allows themselves to be submitted under God ( making thier spirit influence thier soul and body ) actually lives longer and is free of most disease. Probably also because they are in perfect emotional and mental peace during disasters and daily stresses, so their ph levels in thier bodies stay alkaline in spite of outside stresses. The body benefits from and enjoys this balance greatly.

I guess just as the Earth needs the Sun for energy , light and health, the human body also needs that type of relationship from the Creator (Whom the Sun symbolizes) for energy, light and health.

As regarding plants and animals- they have a soul and a body. We humans-- if under the control of God's Spirit and in the correct balance of spirit, soul and body were meant to be compassionate caretakers of the entire plant and animal Kingdom.

Unfortunately, most of us are far from that condition so the entire animal and plant kingdom suffers on account of us self- centered humans.


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