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Published: 9 years ago


Barratt-Hassett says he was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 1990, though he had lived with the condition for all of his adult life. Fibromyalgia, which can make life truly miserable for sufferers, is characterized by pain in the muscles and surrounding structures, often accompanied by severe fatigue and exhaustion not abated by rest or sleep. It wasn’t until 2010 – two decades after being diagnosed – that Barratt-Hassett accidentally discovered the sulfite connection. His research led him to discover that sulfites are everywhere in the food supply, “hidden and undeclared,” as he puts it. “After researching which foods and food ingredients were adulterated with sulfites I removed them from my diet, and almost instantly all my symptoms disappeared. I was literally healed overnight.” He also says he lost over 20kg – a little over 44 pounds – of excess body fat (without dieting), and his energy level has exploded. “I’ve had a total health transformation,” he says.

While his case may seem extreme, he thinks he isn’t all that unusual, and he firmly believes sulfites could be the culprit for millions of people who feel chronically unwell despite normal results from medical tests. But how does a person know if sulfites really are affecting his or her health? “There’s a lot of debate about cause and effect,” says Barratt-Hassett. “I’m not a doctor or a scientist and don’t pretend to be, but the research I’ve done indicates that sulfites are making just about everyone sick to some extent. Some people are more sensitive than others, of course, but all of us who eat processed, manufactured food are affected.”

While fatalities are probably relatively rare, Barratt-Hassatt believes sulfites can seriously compromise health and quality of life in both the short and long term. He says, “There are numerous scientific studies, news articles, and academic papers indicating that sulfites are toxic and have no legitimate place in our food chain.” Besides fibromyalgia, he notes, sulfites have been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, asthma, bed wetting, bloating, brain fog, candida and other fungal infections, diabetes, depression, ear infections, heart palpitations, hay fever, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), immune deficiencies, joint pain, lethargy, muscle weakness/loss, nose bleeds, skin conditions, tooth pain and sore gums, vaginal yeast infections, and more. Sulfites can also destroy vitamin B1 (thiamin), a nutrient essential for metabolism of carbohydrates and alcohol.

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