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Men's Wellness Report Update #4
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Published: 8 years ago

Men's Wellness Report Update #4

Dear MH,

This is an update to my Men's Wellness Report. This is report #4

If there is one thing in life that I have learned from MH, during my journey to restore my body (the human temple of my soul) it is "patience." The major driving force behind patience, when it comes to our well being, is found in the realization that "slowly but surely" rules the day. Patiently, one step at a time, we must do positive things to, and for, our body. The most positive thing that we can patiently do on a day to day basis, is to put into ourselves into the hands of God. We must ask ourselves over and over again "what would God want us to do?"

You see friends, when it comes to our body, we are given free will to operate it as we choose. But with that ability comes a very great responsibility, because the choices we make, will determine the well being, or lack there of, of our body. In the same way that a car requires an exact fuel formulation in order to be driven, so also does the human body require an exact fuel formulation in order to operate at peak efficiency. Simply put then, we humans; when it comes to fueling the body; are ever and always judged... "one mouthful at a time." We thus become our own judges. Thus, the closer we follow the master plan (which happens to be comprised of the physical and spiritual laws of God) the closer we come to really being able to enjoy our time on this earth, without pain. Painless.

Patiently, one step at a time, we must do positive things to, and for, our body. The most positive thing, that we can patiently do, on a day to day basis, is to put into action in our lives, an attitude of gratitude. Of thanks to God. (He is the Man. He is the Boss.) The closer we are to God, the happier we will be. Knowing (recognizing) and worshiping God (through our actions) are, simply put.... the spiritual laws of God. There is only one God. We are all His servants. The same blood runs through the veins of all the colours of humankind. We are the flowers of one garden and the leaves of one tree. The more we follow the spiritual (and physical) laws of God, the closer we draw to Him. Nearness to God is heaven. Remoteness from God is hell. Every single one of the 7 billion people on this earth is to be found somewhere in between those parameters of heaven and hell. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, we must patiently strive to draw closer to the court of our Creator.

As to our physical (bodily) well being. Every single thing we put into our mouths, effects the operation of the greatest entity that the Creator God ever placed onto His earth. Which of course is us humans. It is only humankind, who have been blessed with a rational mind. Which means that we can think things through, and then make choices. The animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, are devoid of
choice. They are creatures/entities of nature. In order to be able to have choices, one has to be able to think/meditate. That is what the soul is. It is a rational mind. It allows us to think/meditate, and then to make choices. Otherwise one is but a creature of nature and must live by the laws of nature. The laws of nature have for their highest attribute, the sensory perceptions. Man has sensory perception too. But in addition, God has endowed us with something that is not present in the lower kingdoms. A rational mind, or a soul, as most people refer to it. An animal can not build a skyscraper or fly a 747 airplane. As creatures of nature they must live strictly by the laws of nature. These laws of nature, man can raise himself above, by meditating, and thinking things through, and then making a choice. (By the way, one who can think and make choices, must thus be responsible for the well being of those of the lower kingdoms.)

I digressed a little, in order to make my overall explanation about the operation of the physical body, a little more complete and understandable. (MH is such a damn good teacher. There is so much more I could say right now, but I best get on with things. But thank you a million times over MH. You know more about the human body than just about anyone on the earth today.) So, let me repeat. Every single thing we put into our mouths, has either a positive or negative effect on our body. Every single thing. Every choice is a judgement. You become your own judge and juror. The condition of your physical body is a direct result of everything you have ever put into it, or done to it. Everything.

Nature is the physical set of laws for your body. Just like the 10 commandment type laws (found in all the great religions of the world) are the spiritual laws. Since nature is a set of physical laws established by God for all his creatures, no one, not a single soul on this earth, can ignore them. If you try to break a law of nature, you may think you are getting away with it, but you will just be fooling yourself. That is why we must do our utmost to stay in step with nature. If we seek to live by its laws affecting our human body, we will thrive and survive. If we do not seek to live by its laws affecting our human body, then our human vehicle will begin to sputter and fail. Sickness and illness and pain will set in. These are the signs that we have gone off of the highway to heaven (well being) and entered on to the one that
leads to pain and suffering (hell).

It has been a "side by each" journey for me with MH for almost 2 decades. I have read every single word he has ever written on this forum. I have been with him every step of the way. He never once had to drag me along, or convince me of anything to do with the proper weeding and feeding of the body. For the most part, what he talks about has always made sense to me. And believe me, I can be one of the most aggressive independent investigators you have ever come across. I know where to look for the snakes under the rocks and how to deal with them. What MH has shared with me through this forum, was music to my ears and balm to my heart and soul. He dishes up no bull. He speaks from the heart. And the knowledge he has imparted to us over the years has been increasingly more valuable, because as he himself, self experiments, he shares his results and his growth with us.

Through all the long years of association, I have yearned to draw closer to MH. But he is a very private person, and I respect that. I have never met MH in person. I have never spoken to him on the phone or video skyped with him. I have never spoken to his dear wife Brenda either when I have called to place orders, yet I know other people are able to get on the line with her first try. But I am alive and kicking today ( I will be 68 in November) because of the knowledge of the human body possessed by MH and one other friend, a nature cure practitioner, that I met before coming into contact with MH). I look eagerly forward to spending a little time with MH in person. It just has not happened yet. Patience is a great virtue. I have been patient for many years, but when the time is right and God so deems it, I will achieve my heart's desire, and I will stand in the presence of my teacher and my friend for the first time.

As to my continued experiences with the first batch of Mens Wellness made by MH.....

I obtained a full year supply in February of this year (2013) so I am now at the half way point. Very early on I was able to notice immediate improvements in my physical condition using the Men's wellness herbs. As a refresher (or for folks not subscribed to this forum when I reported in after the first month of use) here are some of the immediate results I experienced:


Toe Fungus.
I have had a bad toe fungus for over a year. Since starting to take the Men's Wellness, the fungus is on the run. It is clearing up nicely. The big toes are growing back clear.

Bottoms of the feet.
For many years I had itchy feet that sported watery pustules. Just could not clear it up. That problem is all but gone now. Hurray.

I sent you a picture some time ago of the extreme eczema that I had on my right leg. I have a smaller patch on my left leg up near the groin. The large patch on the right leg has almost all gone now. The left leg patch is in its final throws. Thank you Men's Wellness.

Below the belt.
I share with you something that will make people smile. Ones manliness is never in question while using Men's Wellness. Rock hard is no exaggeration if I do say so myself. Not that I had any problem with that function in the past, but I can report that it made a good thing even better. Ho Ho Ho.

During the past month I have witnessed a nice improvement in the area of vision. Signs along the highway that were somewhat blurry or double vision for me, have improved markedly.

My sinus seems to be bringing itself back to a better situation. A lot of crap has been cleared out, letting me breath much better through my nose.

I can report a slight improvement in my hearing during my first month of using the Men's Wellness. I no doubt injured my hearing from wearing headphones cranked right up during my 35 years in the broadcasting business. This is pretty neat to report.

I believe that my fingernails are toughening up. I like this very much.

Crackling sound.
That crackling sound you can hear when you turn your head around in a big sweeping circle, has been reduced markedly. Thanks Men's Wellness.


I can report now, 6 months in, that all of the above mentioned improvements are not only holding, but that they are continuing to improve even more. The eczema has totally gone. Thank God. The itch was unbearable.

Now I wish to share some further results after 6 months of use:

I mentioned earlier that the biggest lesson that I have learned from MH has to do with patience. Let me explain why I say this. The condition of my body at the end of the 48th year of my life, (19 years ago) left me at death's doorstep. This was because I had neglected or did not know the real truth about the weeding and feeding of the human temple of the soul(the body). Somehow I found my way to this forum, and as I began to learn the truth about the care and conditioning required to reverse aging and to restore my body, I slowly but surely began to turn back the clock. Patiently, day by day, I nurtured myself, using the herbs of MH and the wisdom he imparted along with the herbs, and as I did so, I gave thanks to God. It is God who put in place the Master Cure for every single soul on this earth. Nature. The laws of nature are the physical laws of God. And I began, patiently, to prove to myself through my actions that indeed, One Cure Cures All.

But it does not happen over night. It took me 48 years to have enough wrong with me to realize that the odds on making it to the next day were slim and none, unless I was ready to make some constructive efforts for change. Not tomorrow or the next day, but right then and there. And there was MH. Thank God.

Now, after 6 months on these wonderful herbs I am coming to the realization that I am like a big onion. Every couple of weeks I feel like another layer of old crap is peeling off. I firmly believe that the herb initially helped eradicate the immediate toxins that were threatening my life all these years. Now that that is well in hand, the herbs are being turned into chemicals by my liver that can methodically work in every corner of my body to restore the youth that I gave up over time, because of all the crap I was loading up on my fork. And of course the body was also loaded up with all kinds of pollutants stemming from living in the fast lane, at a fast pace. Everything from industrial cleaners to chem trails.

The overall feeling about the condition of my body, as I patiently experience improved vim and vigor, while most people around me are aging like crazy, is literally quite stunning. With thanks to God and MH, I feel more alive and alert than I can ever remember. I still have a few issues that I am working on, but they will have to wait until Nancy and I achieve our goal of moving to Hawaii (or some such sunny and warm climate) as soon as possible.

Friends. If you seek to turn back the hands of time, I recommend that you commit to investing your time, effort, and money, in to the investigation of, and the use of, the wellness products for both women and men, that can only be provided my MH.

Create a nice day,


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