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Re: sulphites

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: sulphites

Well I wasn't being condescending to you before.

When you read a book and learn something do you get mad at the book because it contains information that you didn't know before and then accuse it of being condescending?

Here is a little wiki on sulphites...

sulfites are counted among the top nine food allergens, but a reaction to sulfite is not a true allergy.[9] Some people (but not many) have positive skin allergy tests to sulfites indicating true (IgE-mediated) allergy.[10] It may cause breathing difficulty within minutes after eating a food containing it,[11] asthmatics[12][13] and possibly people with salicylate sensitivity (or aspirin sensitivity)[14][15] are at an elevated risk for reaction to sulfites . Anaphalaxis and life threatening reactions are rare.[10] Other symptoms include sneezing, swelling of the throat, and hives.[15]

If someone is into natural remedies or diet and spends more than 6 minutes learning about things, sulphites are one of the very first things you encounter about food allergies . It is completely mainstream.

There is crossover between salicylate reactions as well, so people may have underlying issues with salicylates that either cause or contribute to the allergy. And in turn mercury poisoning can be an underlying cause of salicylate sensitivity. Have you looked into salicylate reactions as well or told doreen about them?

Now I'll be condescending.

Your logic is ridiculous. It's more like Monty Python act than anything from reality. Do you have some kneejerk reaction reaction to the letters 'sulf'? Sulfuric acid is poison whereas sulfur from food sources are essential nutrients.

Reactions to Epsom Salts are extremely rare, I have seen almost none on curezone.

Some people just cannot handle the liver flushes, for individual and various reasons. Most likely because their livers are so full of crap and poison that just starting the process is completely overwhelming and then they either bail out gracefully or come up with some nonsense like you have done.

And just to nip your paranoia in the bud, I'll say it again in clear language that you can understand.

** Liver Flushes are not for everyone. Some people can not handle them due to their particular conditions. I have no vested interest in them other than keeping the information about them as factual as possible to the best of my ability.**

I went out into the sun and it have me the same reaction as bathing my body in sulfuric acid. I recommend no one goes into the sun. This is about the level of your logic, totally unacceptable.

NLP? LOL. Give me a break.

Go take a tiny dose of Epsom Salt and see if you react to it WITHOUT drinking 4-8 ounces of oil.

If you actually read the moritz book you would see that if your liver is completely choked with waste/poison/stones then your lymphatic system is too and this is the cause of weight gain, especially if you did only a single flush. The directions CLEARLY say to do a series of flushes. If you choose not to follow the directions that's fine, but don't post incorrect and illogical information that leads other people astray.

As for the lady who is pain free, good on her. It's a good idea that the information about sulPHITE sensitivity was reposted just in case people weren't aware of it.

As far as your 3 golden stars I could give a rat's ass. What are you 2 years old? Your post should have been edited because of the wrong information about your nonsensical theory about sulphites being the same as epsom salt. Actually not even close, about your theory that Liver Flushes are the same thing as sulphite sensitivity because one person who did one flush gained weight.

How many hundreds of people on curezone do Epsom Salt baths with great relief from pain?

How many thousands of things can cause weigh gain?

Are they all related to sulphite sensitivity?

There is definitely more going on with your friend doreen than just sulphite allergy. FM is a mult-factoral illness and it is extremely unlikely that avoiding sulphites will cure it in the long run.

(my last attempt at dealing with you, have fun responding)


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