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Published: 9 years ago
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Generally a good post. However, know of no cystic tissue phase for Strongyloides or Filaria do not have cystic stages. Morgellans (which may be a myiaisis) - does involve the tissue but not in dormancy - so all bets are off on this one.

parasites that are known to have tissue cystic phase are hookworm, trichinella, tenia solium, which can leads to cystercercosis.

Many species of Nematomorpha have since been documented to infect man and do have tissue cystic phase. The adults of these parasites behave similarly to some of the filaria genera. Just not much is known about these and effective treatments.

As for the once a week maintenance IVM recommendation --- Strongyloides is not as curable as the main stream literature would indicate (adults can hide out in mucosa crypts where the IVM etc do not access) and Filaria will produce microfilaria for the life of the adult worm - 10 to 17 years. So maintenance therapy is needed. But, you are aiming to kill 'live' larvae in the case of filaria and adults in the case of Strongyloides -- not sterilizing 'cysts' (but do seek to sterilize the adult females in the case of Filaria). Perhaps, in the case of Nematomorpa genus and Morgellans myaisis pupae one would be aiming at a tissue stage too..

And, while I agree that one should not combine above treatments with herbals - I would add Neem to the regimen. Neems leaves, bark and oil. 2 tsp of cold pressed oil in a carrier oil such as almond, coconut or grapeseed to throw back and then chase with a small amount of milk. The neem leaves capsules can be taken 3 to 4 capsules (ranging from 450 to 500 mg) twice daily. Bark can sometimes be found in combination with the leaf powder in capsules. If cannot find the bark, which has antihelminth activity - stay with the leaves and oil.

Neem augments the IVM and Albendazole through complementary strategy - thru direct kill off and thru true sterilization.

Doxycycline is a very important part of the protocol in that it does cover some bacterial overlay = but most importantly does help to sterilize the macrofilairia females which are factories in producing the microfilaria (early stage larvae) that produce the symptoms. It does not, however, have much effect on Strongyloides. So bacterial coverage is a minor piece of the Doxy addition. However, the world is experiencing Doxy shortage - so can use Minocycline 100 mg two, twice daily with food (or will play havoc on the gut).

best to all who were unfortunate to get stricken with one or more of the above pathogens -- but it seems that it is far more prevalent that previously believed - and yes, unfortunately, the medical community receives very little training in parasitology and almost never considers zoonoses - which is what is emerging in the U.S. by storm-- especially for the Filariasis and Nematomorpha. Because, it is not an outright killer - there is no urgency to conduct active surveillance and epidemiology to get a better picture of the prevalence. Partly, because there are no easy lab tests or screening procedures. This is a tough one for our country.

Also, be aware that household pets can have Strongyloides stercoralis and cats also have a species specific to them but apparently it can produce patent infections in some people.

Additionally, there are other zoonotic species of Strongyloides that can affect man.

BTW -- the small black pepper looking extrusions (@ 2 to 4 mm) found on the skin at times - when put under high powered microscope in most cases will show a nematode like larvae. Sometimes you will see several intertwined. Because, these extrusions are a few millimeters and often blackish in color to the naked eye (until under the scope) they are too big to represent microfilaria of most of the Filaria - and are most likely Strongyloides advancing stage larvae. They are most likely being extruded as they are dead - susceptible to therapeutic topicals or even saline from heavy sweet..

best to all
Dr. H

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