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god bless mh and brenda. please read my thoughts...
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Published: 15 years ago
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god bless mh and brenda. please read my thoughts...

May you always tread the mystical path with practical feet MH.

To all who venture onto this site I want you to know that the educational value of what you can learn from the barefoot herbalist is priceless. There is no other site that I have ever ventured on to that can compare. The knowledge which MH offers up in his own way, following self experimentation, and from what he gleans from reading the wisdom of the old MD's, has evolved into an ever changing modern concept of "One Cure, Cures All." It is a process of constant growth. Evolving and changing with each passing month as MH adds to his enormous knowledge base concerning the proper care and operation of the human temple of the soul.

The Cure Zone is to be commended for hosting the Barefoot Herbalist, but at the same time they need to look closely at just whom they give top billing to. If people would honstly independantly investigate the truth of "One Cure, Cures All" they could not help but see that the solution to virtually all problems is found in the improper use of the knife and fork to eat non human foods. Dead food that is devoid of any possible value to the human body.

In honor of what I have learned here on the Cure Zone from MH, I have put together what I call "One Cure, Cures ALL. The 19 Steps."

01. There is only one God.

02. He tells his creatures exactly what they should do to please Him. You will find God's will in the great holy books of His Mesengers, such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Baha'u'llah, etc.

03. In the bible of my Christian friends God specifically tells humanity what is acceptable as fuel for the smooth operation of the human temple of the soul. You will find God's will in Genesis 1:29.

04. Genesis 1:29 says. And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

05. Pretty simple is it not? If we eat, in moderation, what God says is to be our true food, it is impossible to have a sick body or to be overweight. Or to ever be obese. God's law rules!

06. Today, because we have turned away from God's word about what should fuel the human temple of the soul, most people in the western world are sick. Very sick.

07. Recent statistics from the US Food and Drug Administration indicate that upwards of 85% of people in America are overweight, and between 34 and 50% are at or near obese.

08. Dis-ease is rampant.

09. Dis-ease is not complicated friend. It is an imbalance in the body, caused mostly by using a fork and knife to put things into the mouth that are not alive, and thus can be of no use.

10. We would do well to respect the saying "let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." And that is exactly what Genesis 1:29 represents. Live food, mostly sweet fruits.

11. Being overweight or sick is a direct result of the improper fueling of the human temple of the soul. It's as simple as that. Your body breaks down, just like your car will, if the wrong fuel is used.

12. Cancer. MS. MD. Flu. Gout. Boils. Acne. Any dis-ease you can name is caused by the improper fuel we put into our body. No exceptions. Live food helps you live. Cooked food helps you....!

13. Question. Who knows better, God or the American Medical Association?

14. God.

15. Darn right He does. Genesis 1:29.

16. Http:// will help you. They base their belief on Genesis 1:29. Or for a non religious slant there is a low-fat-raw-vegan group at . Thes two sites do not hold a candle to the details you will find here with MH, but they are a fair starting point for those who must put heir toes in the water first.

17. At the raw vegan site click on "raw food FAQ" in the top right hand corner. These folks mean well but do not accept that foreign critters within us are killing us, and thus they never make it to the next step. Step 18. the major key to starting to restore the human temple of the soul.

18. The two sites I mentioned above are dawning points, but there is one additional level to approach that they know nothing about and do not wish to know at this time. Here is the key they are mssing. Because most people are full of foreign critters that should not be there it is also necessary to deworm ourselves.

19. One Cure, Cures All. To deworm visit and click on "108". We can restore the human temple of the soul. One Cure, Cures All. Click now and see.

Create a nice day,
Glenn Darling

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