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Re: god bless mh and brenda. please read my thoughts...

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: god bless mh and brenda. please read my thoughts...



I guess mostly poor people go to the fairs, I have gone since I was 1 year old and continue taking the BOYS each year. You don't see fancy sofisticated types there and you really don't see allot of healthy types either, actually many times you see men and women kind of looking like the live stock they raise for their dinner table.

Today I got to see a wide variety of people and I will guess 95% of their faces/bodies showed they were lacking minerals from the time they were conceived. Many handicaped people find their way to the fair and that is always a sad situation to look at, may so bad off they barely look human and could not live with out full time help from another human.

Today the state's best high school music bands marched around the fair grounds and we watched them. I was quite shocked, these boys and girls, just about 99% white in a town that is 55% black were 98% sickly looking. I have never seen so many zits in all my life, these musically inclined rich kids were scared from chin to eye brows with zits, some with hundreds.... Many of the girls had little to no chin and shrunken thin faces that you know can't support many teeth. There were at least 5% obese girls/boys up to 300#+. Their faces told their story, that their rich parents are medical minded / non-nursing / formula feeding / vaccinating middle class Americans who are your typhical drug addicts from birth.

I think I seen maybe 1 in 100 as looking like they were receiving enough minerals to support a healthy looking body. The average teen age girl was dressed to tell the world she would have a kid or two long before her 21st birthday, tattoos/smoking classic axamples of a poisoned society, one big brother believes may not survive to see their 40th birthday; one big brother created by design and at the end of the day, big brother says this is good! The kids of today had better wake up, before it is too late and their minds and bodies are too defective to climb out of all the miseducation the world has stuffed down their throats via school/tv/radio/magazines, etc. and whats up with having a tattoo palor in every town anymore, where are all these artist coming from???? I am sure the Amish would say hell, every time they see a Harly Davison Motorcycle rider they say it is a demon from hell ( it is quite funny, but they are serious!!!)

Big Brother has a plan and these kids are the victims, kids should study; Depleted Uranium, City Water Chemicals, Chem Trails, Titanium Dioxide, Mercury, Drugs, House hold chemicals, etc., etc. and learn what it is going to take to reach past their 40th birthday or soon big brother will be having the last laugh as they no longer need to pay any of the tax money back to the people and have thier populations down to the size that they want.

What size it that????????? The size that the poor are so poor they can't fly in a plane, drive a car and depend upon the rich for their food supply. The poor can clean the rich people's homes, do their yards and take the bus home to their government owned home. The rich can be with other rich and not have to worry about all the rift raft that earn enough money to play in the same areas the rich play.

Big brother has seen the Mexican Ilegal makes for the best slave and does all the dirty work and does not live long, they have chosen this to be the perfect model. WORK HARD and earn enough to barely survive and please die by age 40. Those that do not learn may find them selves in just such an education trap that will work based upon the amount of poison they are fed in their water, food and air supplys.

This world is as evil today has it has been since the last time the rocks came to serve justice..


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