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president psycho!





The Hidden Story of Barack Obama




A boy named Stanley is traumatized and abandoned.
1926: Eight year old Stanley Dunham discovers his mother's body after she has committed suicide. Stanley's father then abandons the traumatized boy, leaving Stanley in the care of his maternal grandparents in El Dorado, Kansas. (Stanley Dunham is Barack Obama's maternal Grandfather)
(Dramatization) Stanley is psychologically devastated by suicide & abandonment!
Stanley Dunham becomes a troubled teen.
The emotionally damaged boy grows into a rebellious teenager. Stanley punches his High School principal and becomes a drifter, hopping rail cars to Chicago, then California, then back again. At age 20, he marries Madelyn Payne on the night of her Senior Prom.
(Dramatization) The hurt little boy grows into an angry and unstable young man.
(Dramatization) Stanley spends time as a rail hopping drifter.
Psycho Stanley fathers a girl - names her Stanley!!!
Just before leaving to fight in World War II in 1942, Stanley impregnates Madelyn. A girl is born in November of 1942. Because Stanley wanted a son, he names his daughter after himself - Stanley Dunham! (Middle name of Ann) What kind of psycho names his daughter after himself?
The unwanted and isolated only child of a psycho, Stanley 'Jr.' will herself have mental problems.
Psycho grandpa named his girl Stanley. Psycho Obama named his dog after himself "BO" (his initials)
Stanley Dunham (the daughter) endures childhood trauma.
After the war, the Dunhams bounce around the country for 15 years - moving to California, back to Kansas, to Seattle, WA,  to Mercer Island, WA (where her dad enrolls her in a Communist run High School), and finally to Hawaii. During this time, the US Communist Party, in an effort to "colonialize" the new State of Hawaii, had been urging Communists (aka 'Reds') to move there.
Stanley is teased about her boyish name at every new school she attends. The instability of constantly moving, her Communist brainwashing, the teasing/bullying over her strange name, and the constant reminder that her father wanted a boy - will combine to turn young Stanley into a traumatized psycho like her father.
(Dramatization) A girl named Stanley is teased about her boyish name.
Stanley Ann Dunham becomes a troubled teen.
At 17, Stanley Ann now goes simply by "Ann". By this time, she has already embraced Marxism (as had her psycho father), is posing naked for a Communist named Frank Marshall Davis, bashing America, and having sexua| relations with married older black men.
Slut Feminist Stanley Ann Dunham
Frank Marshall Davis (right) had a passion for photography and p 0 r n o g r a p h y.
"Ann" is impregnanted by one of two Black Communist psychos.
1960: Still a 17 year old college freshman, Ann becomes pregnant. She claims that a Kenyan Red named Barack Obama (who she met in a Russian language class) is the father. Obama is a drunk who, apparently unbeknownst to Dunham at the time, has his own wife and kids back in Kenya. It has since become apparent that Ann was also having sexua| relations with another married black man during this time - the admitted Communist Frank Marshall Davis (more on him later).
Obama looks nothing like his short Kenyan father, but resembles the tall Davis very much!
Barack Obama Jr. is abandoned by his Communist Kenyan father.
Less than four years into the unlikely marriage, Ann divorces the drunken Kenyan bigamist. Barack Sr. returns to Africa in 1964. Little "Barry" experiences his first abandonment. Barry will briefly see his alleged father again in 1968, when he is about eight years old, only to have to say goodbye to him. Barack Sr. will later be killed in a drunk driving accident in 1982.
Little Barry's fragile psyche was doomed from the start.
The reunion with the father figure he longed for was very brief.
Ann remarries an Indonesian man and settles there.
In 1965, Ann, clearly a self hating White woman, marries an Indonesian named Lolo Soetero. She, Lolo, and little Barry settle in Indonesia. (Ann and Lolo will divorce in 1980)
Stanley Ann has a baby girl with her new husband.
Ann hires a transvestite to be Barry's nanny!
Already a full fledged psycho feminist Marxist-Red, Ann Soetero hires 'Evie', (a known a transexual / transvestite!) to care for young Barry. What kind of psycho would hire a 'trannie' to care for her son? In 2012, it was revealed that Nanny Evie is now a broke homosexual prostitute.
Old lady/man Evie holds up a photo of his / her flaming younger self
Desperate and destitute, old Evie survives by prostitution. Obama won't lift a finger to help!
Young Barry is bullied by his Asian classmates.
In Hawaii, and also in Indonesia, Barry is the only Black boy in his class. He is outcast and bullied by his Indonesian classmates as "the boy with big ears."
Little Barry Soetero doesn't fit in.
1969: Communist Terrorist 'Weathermen' (later 'Weather Underground') terrorize Chicago. 
Self described communists Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones, and Bernadine Dohrn (an admitted admirer of the mass murderer Charles Manson!) are original founders of 'The Weathermen', an organization of radicalized Red college students. On October 5th of 1969, hoping to start city wide and nationwide riots, Ayers, Dohrn, Jones and their helmeted mob blow up a memorial to the 7 Chicago cops who were murdered by Reds in the 1886 bombing at Haymarket Square. A few days later, the Reds smash up a city block of Chicago. (Days of Rage) The drug crazed Weathermen are finally stopped by Mayor Daley's riot police, and 287 violent hippie Reds are arrested.

Communist radicals from all across America came to make war in Chicago!
The Reds wore helmets and carried bats and pipes.
The Weathermen were joined by Communist Black Panthers.



Bernadine Dohrn "digs" Charles Manson!
Weathermen endorse the 1969 'Manson Family' murders!
Like the Weathermen & the Black Panthers, the hippie cult leader Charles Manson also wants to incite a "Race War" between Blacks & Whites.
Sharon Tate: The beautiful actress and her unborn baby were butchered by Manson's hippies.
Bernadine Dohrn praised the Manson family's butchery of the pregnant "rich pig" Sharon Tate!
Flash Forward to today: Dohrn (holding up an old FBI Wanted poster) is proud of her terrorist past!


."Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate's belly. Wild!"....Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson!"

- Bernadine Dohrn voice recording commenting on the Tate & LoBianco murders


."Guard Your Children!"
Communist-Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn Threatens America.

 19 Seconds



Officer McDonnell: Murdered by Ayers & Dohrn!
1970 - 1981: Communist 'Weather Underground' turns deadly!
The Weathermen continue to carry out bombings through the 1970's.  In 1970, a bomb full of heavy metal staples detonates in a San Francisco police station. Officer Brian McDonnell is killed, and Officer Robert Fogarty is severely wounded and partially blinded. Nine others are also injured.
A disillusioned Weatherman turned FBI informant (Larry Grathwol) later states that there is "irrutable and compelling evidence" that Bill Ayers planned the bombing, and that Bernadine Dohrn planted the actual bomb.
That same year, Ayers' girlfriend (Diane Oughton) blows herself up in a botched mass murder NAIL-BOMB plot intended for an Officers' dance at Ft. Dix in NJ. Had the mighty bomb not accidentally detonated in a New York townhouse, as many as 100 U.S. Army Officers and their dates would have been killed or disfigured by flying nails!  Ayers, Dohrn and friends then become FBI wanted fugitives.
In 1981, some Red Weathermen team up with Black Panthers to rob a Brinks armored car in New York State. A Brinks guard and two cops are subsequently murdered. (here)
Future Chicagoan Barry Obama is just a boy / young man when these evil events take place.  But ....
Chicago fugitives Ayers and Dohrn (who eventually marry and become college professors!) will soon play a major role in shaping young Obama's political career!
1971: The MASSIVE nail-bomb, intended for a dance, detonated in a Manhattan townhouse instead.
FBI Most Wanted Poster from 1970's
Obama began his first political campaign in the Chicago living room of Ayers (l) and Dohrn (r)!
1981: Nyack, NY: Officers O'Grady & Brown were shot dead by Communist Weather Underground members.
(Communist Murderer Angela Davis was also a guest!)
Jeff Jones. Red Terrorist wanted by the FBI
Happy Psychos! Ayers & Jones received 'stimulus' cash from Obama!
"No Justice... No Peace!" ACORN 'Community Organizers' are indeed Marxist RED Rabble.
1970: Marxist America-hater Saul Alinsky publishes 'Rules For Radicals', calls for 'community organizing'.
Saul Alinsky is a Chicago based Marxist strategist who argues that America is too strong to be overturned by violent means. He urges the Commmunist radicals to abandon terrorism in favor of long term stealth tactics. Alinsky dedicates 'Rules For Radicals' to Lucifer (Satan) - the 'original revolutionary' as he calls him.
The book serves as a guide to 60's era hippies who go on to infiltrate America's institutions of government, academia, churches, and media. Alinsky originates the term "community organizing" - by which radicals organize locally and agitate for "change" (Marxism). Among Alinsky's admitted devotees are Hillary Clinton, MSNBC propagandist Chris Matthews, the phony race-baiting 'Reverend' Al Sharpton, and Barack & Michelle Obama.
Obama himself will work as an Alinskyite Chicago "community organizer" in the 1980's. From his days as a Chicago street agitator, up to the present, Obama has worked closely with the notorious vote fraud group, ACORN - (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now).  ACORN has been charged with vote fraud in several different states!
In 2009, ACORN (which has since split up and changed its name) received somewhere between $2 - 4 Billion in taxpayer money from Obama! Surely, some of these funds were funneled into inner city "voter registration" and "get out the vote" (dead people voting!) The cowardly Republicans are well aware of Obama's massive funding of voter fraud, but they dare not speak about it for fear of being labeled 'racist' by the pro-Obama news media!
Alinsky believed that quiet infiltration and organizing was the only way to overturn America.
Flash Forward: Senate candidate Obama meeting with his old ACORN (Community Organizing) friends.
Obama keeps close ties with Marxist "Community Organizer" Al Sharpton.
Ann has a baby girl, then dumps Barry on her parents in Hawaii.
Little Barry is again traumatized by the pain of rejection. After having a daughter with Lolo, psycho Communist Stanley Ann ships 10 year old Barry off to Hawaii to be raised  by his psycho Communist grandfather.
Family of Red freaks! Dumped upon 'Gramps', Obama's psyche will go from the frying pan to the fire!
Stanley Dunham's FBI file was conveniently destroyed in 1997!
Grandpa introduces Barry to a Black Communist bi-sexual psycho.
Grandpa Dunham is friends with the Communist bi-sexual, and former Chicagoan, Frank Marshall Davis. Dunham and Davis are both under FBI surveillance as suspected Communist subversives (Davis was actually OPENLY Communist). Davis becomes an important mentor to young Barry. It was Davis, an avid photographer, who took the nude photographs of young Ann Dunham.
The resemblance between Davis (who is married with children) and Obama, suggests that Davis is Obama's real father. The pervert Davis tells of his sexua| deviance in a book entitled "Sex Rebel Black", (written under the pen name of Bob Greene) In lurid detail, he describes 3-way sex sessions between himself, his wife, and a teen age girl named "Ann."
Davis wrote the filthy "Sex Rebel Black" in 1968.
The dirty old Communist will finish corrupting little Barry.

Flash Forward: Like psycho pervert father (?), like son!

During 2008 campaign, Obama the Obscene shows off his concealed erection to bunch of giggling female (and male) reporters. In order to have a better look at Obama's substantial bulge, a reporter can be heard shouting out to a Secret Service Agent: "Agent sit down! Agent sit down!" (1:02)


Teenage Barry is lazy student and a heavy drug user.
By the end of High School, generations of family dysfunction and painful rejection will have already shaped the degenerate and rotten man that Obama will become. By his own adult admission, Barry Obama wastes his High School years as a heavy pot smoker and a mediocre student.
A self described "lazy student", Obama has a passion for smoking marijuana. (later on cocaine)
In his High School Year Book, Obama gives a shout out to "the Choom Gang" (his gang of potheads!)
Obama and "The Choom Gang" pose with a cake, which is decorated with the image of a marijuana plant!
Barack Obama moves onto cocaine and homosexuality.
After High School, Obama is a mediocre college student at Occidental College in California. By Obama's own admission, his drug habit escalates, moving from smoking marijuana to snorting cocaine. It also appears that Obama - just like Frank Marshall Davis - has embraced the homosexual lifestyle, which will make him vulnerable to complete political control by higher powers.
1980's: Obama and his homosexual Pakistani "lover" holding hands.
Come out of your closet Barack!
The bi-sexual owners of Newsweek in 2012 (Diller & Harmon) were not kidding!

All The President's Men!

Larry Sinclair              Donald Young          Reggie Love            Kal Penn

Larry Sinclair: "I did cocaine and gave oral sex to State Senator Obama in 1997"
Donald Young: Openly homo choir leader of Obama's church - murdered execution style in 2007.
Reggie Love was Obama's "Body Man" from 2008-12. The 6'5" Love has never been seen with a woman.


Kal Penn: Homosexual Hollywood actor - "romantically" linked to Obama..
1980's: Young Obama is plugged into the Globalist-Communist Presidential Pipeline.
At some point during the 1980's, Frank Marshall Davis, and others above him, plug the useless "Barack Obama Jr." into the subversive Chicago network of Professor William Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn (the former FBI fugitives and founders of the Communist/Terrorist cop-killing Weathermen). In 1987, Michelle Robinson (the future Mrs. Obama) lands a position at the Chicago Law Firm of Sidley & Austin, the same firm where Bernadine Dohrn is working.

With the help of the same Globalist network which had always protected Ayers, Dohrn & Jones, psycho Obama is to be somehow decorated with phony Ivy League Degrees and a padded resume. The drug-loving Obama is being groomed by unseen protective forces to be "the first Black President."
In 1995, Ayers and Dohrn will host a fundraiser / introduction for the unknown Illinois State Senate candidate Barack Obama - in their Chicago living room!
How did a "C" student get into Ivy League schools? Did he actually attend class? Why no transcripts?
Aging hippie communists Ayers and Dohrn are still very active in Democrat politics today.
2001: UNREPENTANT Communist Terrorist Bill Ayers poses for magazine while standing on the U.S. flag.
1990's: Communist "Reverend Wright" finds a "beard" to hide Obama's homosexuality.
If Obama is to become President, he will need a wife and kids to conceal his homosexuality. The radical Marxist "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright specializes in finding unwanted women to marry the closeted homosexual professional men who frequent his weird "church". The homely and angry Michelle and the homosexual Obama are believed to have been matched up by the Radical Reverend ("God Damn America - US of KKKA") Wright, who will also marry the Obamas and 'baptized' their children. There is no record of any other women in Obama's life prior to Michele.
No one in their right mind would marry such an angry woman! So Reverend Wright gave her to Obama.
Obama and the America hating Reverend go way back!
Reverend Wright with the Communist Weatherman Terrorist Bill Ayers
1995 - 2008 & Beyond: The meteoric rise of Obama defies explanation!
In 1995, the evil Ayers (an English Professor) actually ghost-writes the untalented Obama's autobiography, 'Dreams From My Father'. Obama had been given an advance to write the book, but when the untalented and lazy beach bum could not overcome his writer's block, he finally turned to his buddy Ayers for help.
How strange for an unaccomplished punk to write a book about himself, and stranger still that a major publishing company would invest in such an unknown by paying ouy a cash advance! Somebody knows that the useless Obama is destined for future fame....and future Bestseller status!
With his phony "Ivy League Degrees", unseen "Law License", padded resume as a "talented writer", stint as a "Professor of Constututional Law"  (actually an untenured guest lecturer who taught nonsense courses), membership in a phony "Church", and a new wife ("beard") all in place, the lazy degenerate Obama is rocketed to the Illinois State Senate (1996), the U.S. Senate (2004), and the Presidency (2008).
Who is clearing the path, and hyping up, this worthless Marxist psycho -  who never worked a day in his life and is incapable of delivering a speech without a teleprompter?  Read 'Forbidden History' (see banner ad at bottom of page) and find out!
At Chicago U, the "Law Professor" taught BS courses on racism and power structures.
The International INSANITY of "Obama-Mania"! 200,000 Germans scream for candidate Obama in 2008!


The Superman persona is the mind's way of hiding the worthless being within.
Barack Obama is the product of generations of severe psychological dysfunction. The neurotic manifestations rooted in both sides of his family tree include - suicide, abandonment of children, multiple relocations, polygamy, rejection, divorce, bullying, drug & alchohol abuse, homosexuality, transexualism, and communist subversion.
To cope with the pain and low self esteem of childhood trauma, the ego creates a false Superman. We clearly see the Narcissitic Personality Disorder manifested in the anti social behavior of Grandpa Dunham (naming a daughter after himself, joining the Communist Party), Stanley Ann Dunham (posing for p 0 r n o g r a p h i c photos, having sex with older black men, dumping her child), Barack Sr. (secretly keeping two families at the same time, driving drunk), Nanny Evie (dressing up as a woman, engaging in homosexual prostitution) Frank Marshall Davis (joining the Communist Party, boasting of sexual perversion).
This is why Obama himself is so arrogant, so conceited, so callous, so sensitive to criticism, so dishonest, so immoral, so vindictive, so cold, so cruel, and so dangerous. Like the Frankenstein monster of Mary Shelley's classic novel, Obama is seething with rage at the society which he blames for the pain of his dysfunctional childhood. Apart altogether from his flawed Marxist ideology and his manifest incompetance, OBAMA IS A RUTHLESS PSYCHOPATH..... the perfect man to lead a nation of dumbed down, degenerate sheep, many of whom are themselves Narcissistic pyschopaths.
That is why Obama's invisible Globalist masters chose him!
The One World Government Gangsters OWN Obama: left to right: Brzezinski, Kissinger, Rockefeller
Billionaire George Soros is also one of the dominant Global players behind Obama-Mania.
To build a 'New World' (socialism & all powerful government), the 'Old America' (freedom & limited government) must first be torn down. President Psycho intends to deliberately collapse the economy under the weight of crushing debt (1.5 TRILLION per year since 2008!), foreign wars, rising taxes, over-regulation, unrestricted immigration, and inflation.
How much longer before the debt bubble pops?
Obama is laughing at YOU as he bankrupts the nation!
Bernanke's Fed 'printing press' finances Obama's monster deficits. This causes inflation!


The resulting civil disorder (instigated by Obama's machine gun toting friends in the New Black Panther Party, and fanned by the newsmedia) will serve as the pretext for declaring martial law and confiscating firearms. The Homeland Security Army and Predator Drones will be unleashed upon any who resist



(2008): Two Black Panthers were arrested for intimidating white voters. Obama dropped the charges!


The well armed Panthers openly call for the killing of White people. Obama protects them.


Will Obama's 'gun control' apply to the Panthers?




Police State America!
President Psycho's private Army!

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

- Candidate Barack Obama (2008)

That's an actual quote! See 21 second video clip below.




*All happening while Obama tries to "control" guns for the rest of us!

  • 100,000 Armed Agents
  • 7,000 Fully Automatic Machine Guns
  • 1 BILLION Rounds of ammunition! (including illegal "hollow point" bullets)
  • 2,700 Bullet-proof Armored Vehicles
  • Deadly Drones - including armed robots, "Bird Drones, & Insect Drones"

Even a few politicians and some "mainstream media" have now joined the 'conspiracy theorists'  in asking questions about Obama's MASSIVE arms buildup. Exactly what is this evil spawn of the Weathermen, this friend of ACORN, this protector of the Black Panthers, planning to do with such DOMESTIC firepower?


Larry Grathwol joined the Weathermen. When he saw what they were really about, he went to the FBI.
In a 1982 interview, ex Weatherman turned FBI informant Larry Grathwol described conversations he had with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Jeff Jones and others. The subject of which was the suppression of the 'counter-revolution' that the Weathermen expected to take place after the future collapse and Marxist takeover of America. Here's what Obama's Chicago friends  (who are STILL in communication with Obama) have in store for America's 'capitalists' :

GRATHWOL: "I asked, “Well what is going to happen to those people we can’t reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?” And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated.

And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say “eliminate,” I mean “kill.”

Twenty-five million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people. And they were dead serious."



When the time comes, Obama's Black Panthers (shown above at an Obama event!) will create chaos!.
Obama's obsession with ordering drone strikes is similar to a serial killer's apetite for blood.
Obama will not hesitate to use drones on Americans
History Channel's hit series 'The Bible' features a Satan who looks like Obama. How appropriate!


Do you see now what Obama truly is...


   ...or are you still in cowardly denial?



The TV News is for sheep. THINK FOR YOURSELVES!
Show PRESIDENT PSYCHO to as many people as you can!





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