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First TEI Hair Results

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Published: 9 years ago

First TEI Hair Results

Hi All,

Here is my results from my first TEI hair retest and a comparison to the last three retests done with ARL.

At this point of the hair retest with TEI I was about a month into the TEI program, I was dancing around the house when I got the results because my NA/K ratio and levels hadn't moved the entire time I have been doing NB and in just a month of being on TEI it moved for the first time... this is a huge accomplishment and sign things are moving in the right direction!!! Also the TEI retest shows from where I was about a month ago, so I have hope now that I am another month further that they are now even more elevated. I plan to retest again in two months as things seem to move quite quickly with TEI for me.

I have to note too. With ARL from Sept 12 - May 13 I only took the following supplements: Paramin, Taurine, GB3, Magnesium and some herbs here and there - none of these would have raised my NA/K level which didn't surprise me why these levels/ratios didn't move during this time. It was in end of April/May when I started to add in other supplements: Limcomin, Zinc that I felt completely awful and was started to backtrack terribly. Here is my past history and symptoms: //
I stopped Limcomin and Zinc after realizing it wasn't working and was causing me more issues and the end of May I added in B6, Megapan and TMG, this is when I started to feel better again. I took B6, Megapan, TMG, along with stopping Paramin completely, 1 taurine, 2 mag glycinate, 1 GB3 from end of May - July. I also began to inquire with TEI while I was in process of obtaining my July updated hair results the end of June because my protocol with ARl wasn't all specific to what they wanted me to take, so I felt like I was going around the program somewhat and it started to not feel like a fit anymore, particularly with wanting to begin working on the NA/K levels/ratios but the supplements (Zinc, Limcomin) to get them raised made me feel not good.

Retest came in in July, the protocol I was given in July with ARL once my retest results were obtained didn't make sense to me, and TEI felt right, so this is when I decided to switch to TEI and follow the protocol given.

As of July I began taking the TEI supplement protocol and worked my way up to what I am now currently taking, which is as follows: 1 megapan, 1/2 adrenal complex, 2-3 magnesium glycinate, 1 miniplex B, 1 spartanMK. Take all in the morning and 1 mag glycinate before bed. NOTE: I added in the adrenal complex 1/2 dose three weeks ago so this wouldn't have shown on my August retest. I cut out Paramin completely, Taurine completely, TMG completely, and stopped GB3 for the time being.

Main improvements between my July and September retest are the following:
NA from 2 to 4
K from 1 to 2
CA/MG ratio, continuing to improve further from 7.71 to 7.67, ideal 6.67
CA/K ratio, improved from 54 to 33, ideal 4.00
NA/MG ratio, improved from 0.29 to 0.47, ideal 4.17
ZN/CU ratio, improved from 15.45 to 13.64, ideal being 8

CA went up from 54 to 66, not sure how this happened without paramin supplementation, I suspect it was still stored in my body from the months of taking it and maybe showed up more on this test versus july when it was it's lowest?

Copper continues to stay the same. Chromium went down, which is also interesting since this was in the megapan, maybe it was being converted to something else?

Below are my last four tests, Current being my most recent retest from 09/16:

Ideal 40
Current 66
13 July 54
13 April 70
12 Sept 33

Ideal 6
Current 8.6
13 July 7
13 April 5
12 Sept 3

Ideal 25
Current 4
13 July 2
13 April 2
12 Sept 2

Ideal 10
Current 2
13 July 1
13 April 1
12 Sept 1

Ideal 3.5
Current 0.5
13 July 0.6
13 April 0.6
12 Sept 0.7

Ideal 2.5
Current 1.1
13 July 1.1
13 April 1.1
12 Sept 1.1

Ideal 0.04
Current 0.009
13 July 0.08
13 April 0.13
12 Sept 0.009

Ideal 20
Current 15
13 July 17
13 April 15
12 Sept 13.0

Ideal 0.12
Current 0.03
13 July 0.060
13 April 0.058
12 Sept 0.056

Ideal 0.18
Current 0.04
13 July 0.057
13 April 0.056
12 Sept 0.072

Ideal 16
Current 13
13 July 13
12 April 14
12 Sept 13

Current 0.3
13 July 0.24
13 April 0.36
12 Sept 0.61

Told I am copper toxic, tests continue to show low.

Ideal 6.67
Current 7.67
13 July 7.71
13 April 14.00
12 Sept 11.00

Ideal 4.00
Current 33.00
13 July 54.00
13 April 70.00
12 Sept 33.00

Ideal 4.17
Current 0.47
13 July 0.29
13 April 0.40
12 Sept 0.67

Ideal 2.50
Current 2.0
13 July 2.0
13 April 2.0
12 Sept 2.0

Ideal 8.00
Current 13.64
13 July 15.45
13 April 13.64
12 Sept 11.82

Ideal 2.50
Current 5.08
12 July 4.15
13 April 5.00
12 Sept 2.54

I am continuing with TEI's supplement recommendations. I am looking to obtain more information on how to interpret the TEI hair retest results as I am not sure if there ideal is the same as ARL's and the above is based on ARL's ideal, so I may be even more better off based on TEI's ideal --- does anyone know? Also does anyone know the breakdown for the thyroid and adrenals and the energy loss which we all have for ARL, can the same be applied to TEI's results or is the interpretation different? I am waiting to get an answer from my practitioner but any help would be much appreciated.

Symptoms wise, I am feeling the best I have felt since I started NB and even before NB. I am still continuing with my energy healer. I just moved from California to London last Thursday and with the move and the stressors I had going on I actually managed it really well and felt the most calm I have ever felt, I also had more energy which was a good sign. My main improvements are my hypoglycemia which at one time was absolutely horrific about 4 months ago and now I can go four hours without eating anything and be totally fine, I don't have constant urination like I used too, my energy seems to be getting better and better by the week, my brain fog is much better. I had a detox about two weeks ago that lasted 9 days and I believe it was a minor copper detox, flu symptoms and achy body and brain fog... aside from my detox times it seems that the brain fog is fine. I am still having issues with my hormones and some food intolerances such as gluten and processed Sugar and trying to avoid these still as both the hormone fluctuations with that time of the month and food intolerances will bring on heart palp symptoms which is one of the symptoms I haven't been able to fully eradicate. But, the chest pain and pain down left arm is still non-existent for the most part, I think I can now link this to the Paramin I was taking as it only happens very rarely. I am able to go out more and not crash as much, but still working on the energy, and hope this will continue to improve as I am on the program, along with the hormone imbalances and the symptoms that come along with this. Still eating all organic, paleo diet for the most part. I seem to have more normal days and am feeling a sense of normality versus feeling completely outer body and in a dream like state, which I am happy about. Anxiety is getting better, but still triggers sometimes, which now the MAG is up slightly above ideal, i think it may be physh that I need to work through.Will continue to work on the ZN/CU - hormone ratio, the NA/K levels and keeping the CA/MAG in good shape

I still plan to do a parasite cleanse once I'm all settled and also do a viral panel and add in anything necessary to my supplement protocol.

Let me know if any of you have any questions. I hope my story is helpful in your journey. If there is one thing I learned, it is if the supplements are making you feel dramatically worse than better then something is wrong. If something or a practitioner is not working for you, don't settle as it could cause more damage than good. and always listen to your own intuition and what feels right for your body, what works for one, may not work for another.

Hoping to get back into working after a year of being on disability in the next month, taking things slow with adjusting to the move until then!

I hope everyone is also doing well and once I'm settled I should be able to give my input on your posts as much as possible!

cheers :)

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