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Re: 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.

You do have a lot of symptoms like CFS/ME. You have low blood pressure (BP/LBP), muscle pain and weakness, exhaustion, digestion problems, sleep problems, skin problems, hormonal problems, feeling cold and low body temperature/poor temperature regulation. They are pretty much classic symptoms. You probably have adrenal fatigue or even Addisonís disease which affects your immune function and your skin, sleep etc. The fact that you mention Depression along with other symptoms does indicate adrenal problems because adrenal exhaustion is just depression+.

The extreme side of Depression is adrenal failure which is a very serious condition. Even partial adrenal failure/adrenal fatigue will affect your BP and skin function. Your body clock is probably all over the place due to your sleeping problems.

You could have a hyper permeable gut due to your poor eating patterns and poor nutritional intake. That alone can cause some severe problems such as exhaustion, LBP and skin problems.

Any wind/gas when eating? If so then you could have insufficient stomach acid which contributes to your digestive problems and poor nutrition.

Something that you can do to find out for yourself what is wrong and it will cost little to nothing. If you have a magnifying glass (MG) of x3 to x4 magnification get a mirror and place the MG on the mirror in a good light source such as small torch or lamp and look into your irises. Imagine your iris is split into segments like a cake and look at 6 o clock in each iris. Just inside 6 o clock you might see a darker area, it's actually less iris fibres but it looks darker, a grey colour. This shows depression! Now look for a ring around your pupil, about a 1/3 the way from it. It could be white or black, white is easier to see, a black ring is more a dividing line inside towards the pupil is the digestive system, small intestine & colon just outside and then the stomach right next to the pupil. The shape of the ring reflects the shape of the digestive track, showing any constrictions. If the dark/grey marking goes all the way up towards this ring the more your mood is affected and at the top just outside the ring are your adrenal glands. All grey is very weak adrenal function and possibly Addisonís disease. This is the kidney zone but it doesn't mean any kidney problem, something like that would be a different marking. This is your nervous system, in your kidneys and brain. How far does that dark mark go towards the ring at 1/3 the way from the pupil? It will be in both irises to some degree. If that can be returned to your normal iris colour your mood will improve considerably and if the adrenals are affected then they will also improve, first of all because healing goes from the centre to the outside.

Now look at the outside of your iris. There is probably a dark ring called a nerve wreath and that shows poor skin function and LBP because the very outside of the iris is the skin and then the circulatory system.

You can use this as a guide to see how things are progressing and improving.

I think that you should spend some time to improve your digestive function. Those anti biotics will cause further problems unless you counter them.

See if you can get your adrenal function assessed just in case there is any serious problem. If your iris shows a grey/dark marking filling up to the ring in both irises or very close to the ring then I would suggest that you get it checked ASAP.

The Depression can be cured, I have seen it done myself by a woman that I know. I looked into her eyes and saw the changes and the marking near 6 o clock disappear. She had adrenal failure and was very sick at one point.

I've had a number of similar symptoms such as extreme fatigue with difficulty getting out of bed at times, sleep difficulties, sometimes awake into the early hours, LBP, dark markings under my eyes, wind and gas on eating, arm and leg weakness, dry skin and some spots, headaches, a lot of urination, a little receding of my gums but nothing major - my dental hygienist commented about it.

It might be worth looking at the GAPS diet to help restore your digestive system. Especially if there is low stomach acid. The soup stock could help and so can fermented foods which will help restore the bacteria in your gut. Bacteria are very important to the human body, they help control immune system function, stimulating and regulating it, helping the digestive cells mature and function correctly and produce countless nutrients and help break down food. If you nurture your bacteria they will look after you!

Some thinks which might help:

Olive leaf extract juice, 1 - 2 tsp twice daily - this improved my energy levels quite a bit
Methyl cobalamin (Vit B12) 1mg twice daily - this enhances sleep and helps restore the body clock
A SAD lamp which can also help reset the body clock. They are useful for jet lag and any such situations. See if you can borrow or rent one for a bit.
Betaine HCI if you get any wind or bloating when you eat. Increase the dose until you get some burning in your stomach and then reduce slightly.
Sauerkraut - A powerhouse of bacteria and will also assist your stomach and digestion. Make your own or have a relative make some for you. You should use an airlock because it does need to be anaerobic. A fermenting crock is the best method but is more expensive. A glass jar with an airlock fitted is cheapest or a wire clip lock jar works for some people. Avoid plastic and metal near the juice because the high acid could leech plastic or affect the metal.

There is more stuff but I will leave it for now.

BTW your a pretty girl and when you solve this and feel better I'm sure that you will be fighting them off with a stick ;) Everything can be solved, think of this as an important lesson that will benefit you.

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