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New Here....need support...
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Published: 9 years ago

New Here....need support...

Hi all,

I'm so glad to have a place to get some support from for this lifetime problem that I have.

I first did a cleanse by Awareness (experience and clear) in 97' and saw a ton of pinworms and stopped because it traumatized me. I was pretty young and just couldn't take it.

I have felt sick my entire life and have always had severe stomach distention on and off. However, recently (about a month ago) it got severe and has not left. There are so many factors involved that I don't know what to think. I have been working in Asia on and off for a few years but have not been overseas in about 9 months. During this time I would have the distention and constipation but it would go away within a few days (I took HCL and enzymes).

The day after I ate at a disgusting Indian place it came on like gangbusters and the fatigue set in that left me bedbound now for a month. Strange that I worked in India for long and only had temporary infections and then I eat at an Indian restaurant in the US and am deathly ill.

Someone asked me when my baby was due the other day when I went to the doctor. I am a size 4 (135 lbs) but look 5 to 7 months pregnant. I'm not pregnant :( I have this stomach from morning to night. My friends and family look at me and try not to cry they are so scared but the docs think it's no biggie. Cool huh?

I started Paragone and some other supplements for 6 days ago. I was told to stop all supplements yesterday because I am having a biopsy taken under general sedation next Monday (btw it's still ok to take AZT and powerful psychotrophic drugs during pregnancy and before surgery but some wheat grass may kill you In complying with the medical establishment's herbal hysteria, I still ate raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, olive and coconut oil (sshhhh...don't tell). Anyway, today I woke up and passed what looked like roundworms. I am sickened.

Also since starting Paragone my left eye has been twitching like crazy and has not stopped. I have thoughts about what it is but of course everyone thinks I am nuts. I had something on the side of my nose last year that I suspected was a parasite and treated it with bloodroot. Not pleasant at all. I simply had it excised after the treatment.

So now I have yet another appt with my GI tomorrow to do an H Pylori test (that I had to insist on) and turn in my stool samples. He says my blood is fine and all I have is IBS. yes doctor, I concur, my bowels are, in fact, IRRITATED, along with pretty much the rest of my body! But from what is what I want to know! Jeez.

I can barely think, get out of bed and have the worst skin eruptions (cystic acne, eczema and psoriasis) on my back, face and scalp that I have ever known. My quality of life is extremely low. And now coupled with the fact that I may have some kind of cancer? Life is not easy right now is all I can say.

I also have an appointment with the [in]famous Dr. Cahill next week a few days after my surgical biopsy. Why? I have no idea. Just desperate I guess. His office is around the corner from me too so I figured why not. Btw, $500 is only slightly higher than the average cost of any doctor visit here in NYC. It's just that he doesn't take insurance is why it seems so alarming.

Anyway, I'm sorry for all of you who have dealt with this horrible affliction for so long and wish you all the very best in recovery.

Thanks to all of you in advance for your support.


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