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Re: My Parasite Cleanse Journey..need some serious guidance!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: My Parasite Cleanse Journey..need some serious guidance!

Hi Para,

Thank you for your input.

You wrote [in part], "I have taken significant amounts vitamin C throughout most of my entire adult life and I know that I have benefited form this but, it did not eliminate my parasites, or my frequent colds and flu ( it did make them more tolerable), it did not eliminate my allergies, or my sleep apnea."

How much have you taken, Para? Was it a Bowel Tolerance dose daily? If not, you might like to consider this hypothetical example: If a doctor prescribed someone an Antibiotic [or any other "medicine" for that matter], and the patient decided to cut the prescribed dose in half, and the recommended length of dosage time in half, and then did not get the results expected, could we properly say that the Antibiotic [or other "medicine"] did not work? This is THE PRIMARY MISTAKE made by users and researchers alike. Dr. Robert Cathcart, M.D., with over 25,000 patients treated with ascorbic acid [over a 30 year period] wrote that patients did not typically receive symptom relief until [and if] they approached their Bowel Tolerance limit, i.e. that amount their body is actually "indicating" it needs/"wants" at that moment.

In my own case, I have taken a Bowel Tolerance dose of ascorbic acid every day since 1994 amounting to, on average, well in excess of 50 grams daily [in 10 to 15 divided doses]. During the past 10 to 15 years, I have experienced nothing but the very best of health, e.g. no colds, flu, headaches, etc., etc., etc. I have not visited a doctor in all that time, nor have I ingested any drugs whatsoever, e.g. be they prescribed or over-the-counter. It is not the [so-called] vitamin C, per se, we are really after [past a certain very minimal amount], but the two "free"/extra/reducing/alkalinizing/toxin neutralizing/antioxidizing ELECTRONS [each ascorbic acid molecule carries]. It is these electrons that you spoke about as being "regenerative."

I suspect ascorbic acid does not kill most [if any] parasites DIRECTLY. Its benefit, in the case of parasites, probably has much more to do with its health improvement for the whole body. In this regard, this quote from Dr. John Tilden, M.D., is very instructive, "Normal persons are deadly to all germs and parasites peculiar to the human habitat."

I am glad to hear you have received significant benefit from your ascorbate dosing over the years, Para. But can you really be so sure "that there are things that it does not cure?"

I'm just mentioning these things as "grist for your [and others] health mill."

I wish you the very best of health, Para, and thank you again for posting.



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