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This cured my body odor, READ GUYS and MY STORY
dakotaf45 Views: 20,523
Published: 11 years ago

This cured my body odor, READ GUYS and MY STORY

Hey guys, I am a female. I been on this website SO MANY times since I was 14. Now I'm 20. Every since I was 14 I had this fecal, fishy, and sometimes rotten cheese, smoke even though I never smoked, or musty odor. The odor would smell like eggs if I ate an egg 2 days before or yesterday. I have been studying ways to find a 100% cure to my odor. after trying all of the home remedies that I've seen people suggest on here, none of it worked for me.
So I went to the doctors, I found out I had a bacteria infection and a yeast infection. But weeks and months later after taking the pills I STILL had the Body Odor . My mom took me to the iconologist who of coarse ended up examining my brain because she thought it was all in my head. The pediatrician thought it was also in my head. EVERYONE said they didn't smell anything but STILL rubbed their nose around me. and taking hot showers made the smell WORSE, so I started taking COLD showers, and this changed a little.

come around 16 years old I stopped eating, starving myself because I used this method where I thought that "you are what you eat" right? And I stayed at the same fecal odor smell on my body. So Each week I only ate certain fruits and vegetables and see which ones weren't working for me. BUT STILL had the craving for Sugar so I didn't succeed in that plan like I wanted to.
18 years old I stuck to the diet, I was completely done with soda and juice, and meat. I ate bananas and water for a whole week and discovered bananas make me smell like only garbage. I ate broccoli for a week and water and I gave off an onion smell. I ate blueberries and somehow that made me smell like sour milk. grapes and carrots made this "rotten" smell as some people would describe it. and then This idea hit me. APPLES.

Apples was the only fruit everyone was eating on this earth in the beginning . its the perfect fruit or vegetable. you can eat it with anything. and I ate only apples for a month with water, and it gave off a "sweet smell" to most people, but it would ware off later in the day, so it still wasn't sticking to me.

ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCING YOUR FOOD. right? so then I added lemons. Lemons is a sour fruit, but I learned that if you just drink lemons with water for one day it cleanses your body. So I thought about adding that with the apples, and I did with salad. only the salad with out the carrots and the onions and purple leaves inside, so your basically just eating lettuce, but I never just bought the lettuce and ate it with the apples and lemon, but you can try it.
so I cut up the lemons and squeezed the juice out of it into the bowl, and cut up the apples and eat it. NO DRESSING OR ANYTHING ELSE. the first 3 days is gross, but its pretty good. Its healthy.

I ate that for 6 months and my odor was COMPLETELY gone. and on some days people would actually say it smells sweet or my friends would say they smell nothing, and one guy told me I kind of smelled like lemons.
I don't use scented lotions or soaps. only Cetaphil lotion or the Cetaphil bar soap. Dove soap actually made my fecal smell worse when I was 17 I guess because Its a more stronger scent. I only take cold showers twice a day.

and now I made friends, and I actually have a boyfriend. and he loves the smell of my apartment, and he's moving in with me next week. I use only scented candles no scented spray. now I can go in class in college and feel comfortable, and be girly without being laughed at. I even have girly friends who never ever rubbed their nose. so the method worked and I guess its true that you are what you eat.
GUYS PLEASE TRY THIS. and through the process you can ask me for any advice. and I forgot to tell you that I even went to a mental hospital because I wanted to commit suicide and people just thought it was in my head, but guess what? if people are telling you this, THEY HAVE NO IDEA what its like to be the laughing stock of the whole world.. just try to be patient. it took me 6 years, but it wont for you guys. because I went through too much Depression and trying to find what was the right thing for me to eat.

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