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Re: Unsuccessful Flush
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Unsuccessful Flush

hello there. iv done many upon many flushes. without nothing happening.
And then i feel extremely depressed. Because something slightly moved in the liver , but nothing removed. So your whole body chemistry goes out of whack , and you can feel extremely depressed and agressive. Which is why it is of upmost importance, you get it right every damn time.

If your getting 30 stones out a time, your doing it wrong.
Theres at least 3000 in your liver.half of those pretty big.

After trial and errorr time and time again. And after getting at least 16 failed flushes, i can succesfully flush everytime now and extreme Depression 89į% cured, also energy and everything else wrong is coming back better.

To flush as best as you possibly can try this.
A week prior do some coffe enemas , lets say around 4-6 coffe enemas. This will dilate the bile ducts, and make them wider. so when you go to tkae the Epsom Salts , you dont feel sick wactsover. The coffee enemas kind of permenantley stop you from being sick too much, also they make the bile ducts wider= meaning liver opens up more, and releases more-!.

ON your last 3 days of Liver Flush week fast and drink apple juice, this pressurizes the liver with malic acid so youll be overpowerd to release max stones so.
2 litres of apple jiuce on tminus day 3
4 litres of apple juice on t minus day 2
and 4 litres of apple juice on doomsday.later in the evening youll be drniking the olive oil lemon concotion-

Do another coffee enema on the day before the cleanse if you wish too.
IMPORTANT. take a full spoonfull of epson salts in water on the day before the liver cleanse after the 4 liters of apple juice. The reason for this is, it makes the bile ducts dilate even further, and then when you take more epson salts the day after. Its even more dilated and you get the maximun number of stones!!!..

again this is my most efficient way to get the max amount after much trial and error. and no stone results.

SO week prior fast. you can drink apple juice all week if your wish. however on last 2 days it has to be 4 litres a day.meaning 4 litres on flush day aswell.100% apple juice is always better.
coffee enemas through the week.
1 spoonful of epson salts in the eveneing the day before the liver flush. this is important, as it will improve the cleanse tenfold. fasting is important.But mainly on the last 4 days. remember if you get bloated from all the aple jiuce slow down the intake. then take some more when you can..the faster the better ofcourse, since it presuurizes the liver and you can hear it spazzing out just from the aple juice.

then after 4 litres of apple juice on Liver Flush day.
in the evening youll take your epson salts twice. meaning 2x full spoonfuls.(not teaspoons) spoonfulls 2hours apart from each other.
then after that i usually take 200 ml lemon 200 ml olive oil. i still get loads out lol. But if youv got the balls to drink even more oil/lemon or grapefruit.Then go for it.thats more efficient. i never can lol.
then the morning after, i just take 1 spoonful of epson salts in water. and thats it.

you may have to do a water enema or coffer enema later to get everthing out. BUt most should come out on thir own.
If your bodyscent smells like amonia briefly during the week, it means you need to do some more coffee enemas as theres stuff that wants to leave your liver.

remeber. fasting and lots of applejuice is key. Dont kill yourself. take some fruit along with applejuice sometimes. so you dont faint from malic acid overdose or something.
Happened to me. I fainted after nothing but 2 litres of apple juice in a day.

also when you go to take the spoonfuls of epson salts.
your liver should be sPAzzing out like crazy, the more your liver is spazzing like absolute crazy , the more succesfull your cleanse will be.

im sure theres more efficient ways to do this, but after failing so many times, id be soul crushed to fail again.
and plus you dont need to import expensive herbs and designer things everyones blabbing about.

THis way will blow your mind guranteeed.

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