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Re: How to clear hpv?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How to clear hpv?

I don't have warts. I know someone who claims to have cured them with this method. I will ask you to google certain terms to look for links since i'm new and not not sure of Forum Rules .

A girl I know cured HPV and a guy cured Seborrheic keratosis.
And keratosis id very frighting and often confused to be hpv.and some keratosis contain hpv but still are not contagious but hereditary.

here is the wart cure in the last two years there has been a new soap on the market Colloidal Silver soap. the person showers daily with the soap letting it linger on the itchy effected parts for long as possible.

after the shower they get out while the pores are still open from the shower they apply frankincense oil on the warts.

the frankincense is always a diluted they use aveda brand. they get it in the mall its already diluted. most brands are due to the price of frank.

they do this twice a day usually before bed. they due this every day except twice a week they take a bath this is how.

first they fill the tub up with warm or hot what ever the person prefers. then they put three drops of frank with two drops of Oregon oil. they then get in the bath. they then take Sea Salt and kind of scrub the face and the effected areas. it kind of burns. if it burns to much they recomend just putting Sea Salt in the bath. the salt kills bacteria
and viruses at low level.

then they soak for about 10 minutes to let the skin soften. then they apply on the face and run through hair with frank hitting moles and anything that could look like cancer the shoulders and even the bottom of feet. usually with a book. they let that set for 10-15 minutes.

then they go under infusing the frank in the bath water more.

the female says it goes inside her cavity. she only puts small drops on the face and head and shoulders . she doesnt over do it. she then soaks for 10-20 minutes more.

the guy does the same both say they at times put a small amount of Colloidal Silver in the bath a cap full from the bottle they buy about a tbls spoon. depends if they have money for it.

the guy gets out and takes a few drops on the effected area.

both have different pills they take. the guy takes frank pills since he says garlic did not work when he tried it before the baths and showers.

the girl takes garlic. but since finding out about frank says she has tried it after being cured as a preventive measure. both were cured with the soaps and baths. when i say cured i mean cured.

the frank is actually being studied by scientist as we speak. i have heard stories of it curing melanoma and lung cancers . the frank pills you should not repeat do not take with garlic. some say do not take frank more than three weeks. if you must stay on something give a 3-4 day break and eat some yogurt.

google these search terms

frank and wart cures
frank and keratosis cure
frank and cancer cures
collidal silver and keratosis cure

as you know warts contagious are not can turn into cancer
this cure may not be for you you may be allergic to frank

thinks they both noticed is at times there were rings around warts that look read they theory that the frank was killing the active cells around the wart its no secret you can pop a wart and the juice will spead it even sweat from the wart so it was probably killing the virus on all levels

i tried it on freckles the baths and soap and it cured it. i had an appointment with a dermatologist to check for cancer when i got there he couldn't find anything i took frank internally given all the hype how it cures cancer

my friend encouraged me to get vaccinated for hpv. so i did. the docter said even though i was 45 to still get it.

if i was exsposed there are other strains i may not be exsposed to the vaccine could prevent. that would be stupid to think you have been exsposed and not get vaccinated. i'm sure you were not exsposwed to every hpv virus he said. in my case i don't think i was ever exsposed. if so the vaccine would prevent other strains why mix and match with partners. there are to many strains to count.

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