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Ready to Start Candida Diet..Need Help with my Protocol
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Published: 10 years ago

Ready to Start Candida Diet..Need Help with my Protocol

Hi Everyone,

I'm Finally ready to get rid of this awful condition that's ruining my life & confidence. I have been reading stuff on curezone for about 2 years now. Not daily but on and off. Im more positive and confident now that i will get rid of it.

Here is my protocol:

-no dairy. have a food allergy to all dairy products. get drowsy, sinus headaches, stomach aches. thats why i cannot eat yogurt for beneficial bacteria.
- for carbs millet, buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice
- no fruit for the first 4-8 weeks at least. once i do have fruit only one fruit, eaten by itself, not mixed with any carbs or other fruits.
-no starchy vegetables
- no condiments or boxed foods
- coconut kefir? not sure if it will make things worse or better. i guess i will see how i feel
- cook with only coconut oil
- fats to maintain my weight. I'm already slim cant afford to lose any weight. Fats: chia seeds, flax seeds, half an avocado, swallow oil like olive oil

-celtic Sea Salt for trace minerals
-Coffee, water & nystatin enema's(alternate)
-Antifungals: GSE, kyolic garlic, sf772, caprylic acid, alcohol free Black-Walnut hull, blackseeds
alternate every 4 days.
-digestive enyzmes by enzymedica with meals
-Dr ohirra probiotics
- NAC for immune support, Vit C
- juicing veggies
- spirulina
- cayenne for poor blood circulation

Leaky Gut
- daily bone broths
-l glutamine 5g x3 times a day
- aloe vera gel
-licorice root tea


1. How do people know if fermented foods are helping them or making candida worse? Some ND's say dont add any fermented foods on candida diet while others say its ok.

2. should i add Lugols iodine? does it really help. my thyroid is fine. i got a MD to check through a blood test. However my hormones and libido are off.

3. how many antifunals do people take at a time? for example do you take 2 at a time then rotate and take another 2. or is one antifungal every 4 days enough?

4. Jhan says that if you suspect leaky gut she doesnt recommend probiotic enema's or probiotics taken at all. she says once the leaky gut is cleared its okay to take probiotics rectally and orally. she said coffee and plain water enema's are okay though with leaky gut. thoughts?

5. people recommend vitamin c but most vitamin c has corn starch i read. any good candida approved vitamin c powders?

6. Are canned beans okay?

7. Are nut butters okay? like almond butter

lastly any other products i dont have listed that you would highly recommend.

Thank You!!!


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