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Re: Rope Worm Update 2
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Rope Worm Update 2

could you describe or make a post to Kalckers Ropeworm Protocol as I can't find specifically his ropeworm protocol, i only find his generic parasites one. thank you : ) just a couple of ideas, has anybody tried combining this with johanna brandts grape cure or arnold ehrets mucusless diet (short term) to see if this helps in conjuction with the enemas etc. both of those diets are based on the idea that illness in the body can be traced to mucus, i believe that ropeworm has for a long time been misdiagnosed as 'mucus' or 'mucoid plaque' (same thing different names), I also being that these things aren't sucking on to the lining of the intestine i believe that somehow the 'mucus' is involved, i also believe the paradox is that they are producing this mucus, and if the mucusless diet can cut off their food source and starve them out then i will give it a shot, i've been instinctively drawn to doing the grape cure/mucusless diet even before i heard about ropeworm, but it's not a great idea to follow long term (mucusless diet max up to two years i would say before it causes deficiencies) but i also know that it is the most hardcore lifestyle and diet to follow! ehrets mucusless diet does call for lemon enemas though several of them daily, which is how i found that i had the ropeworm in the first place. my second point is, i came across bob becks information a while back too, in some areas he is presenting similar information to Hulda Clark , although a lot of differences too, in the sense that he believed parasites and stuff in the blood were behind illness, he also came up with a 'zapper' although his is different from Hulda Clark s in that it sits on the wrists, and works on a different frequency. the point i really wanted to make about bob beck was this, (well two points really) he stated that when you electrify the blood or start to clean out parasites, they move into different parts of the body, like the lymph, or bone, or glands, or into organs, where they will wait until it's safe to go back into the blood (and i guess the colon also) he found that the only way to get rid of them was to use a magnetic pulser which blasted the body with a magnetic field which knocked out the parasites, i wonder if anybody had tried this, cos i have a theory that this is what is happening with the rope worm, i got a good healing for a few days, then they start creeping back again, as though they go in to hiding and then eventually start manifesting their symptoms again. bob beck also recommended ozonated water (i'm not a scientist but i know there is a link because of the extra oxygen to hydrogen peroxide, and i guess the CLO2 also), also he absolutely forbade garlic and any of the aliums, he said they would stop any success in killing parasites because garlic passes through the blood barrier and allows parasites to get into places they shouldn't be able to reach! as an intuitive thing to mention i started getting sick after a seizure initially in 1999 or 2000 (i can't remember which!) but it actually started after i had moved back in with my mum for a while i was 19 and she had bought a ton of this nasty cheap garlic pork sausage which i remember eating for weeks, i basically one night had a seizure (never had one before or since) they couldn't find the cause of what it was and was never looked into again, but i am absolutely certain even to this day that it was something in that sausage that caused it, and now knowing what i do know i believe there was some sort of parasite in the pork and the fusion with the garlic allowed the parasite to reach my brain. again this is just a belief and i'm putting it out there because if it helps find a workable cure for this blight then i'm all for it : ) Thanks!

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