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Re: My adrenal protocol finally begins

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: My adrenal protocol finally begins

Actually all I try to do on Curezone is help people out. Unlike a lot of posters I am not into coddling people though; it does no good.

Sometimes people don't want to hear that popping toxic pills or doing what they are doing is making them sicker, but I can't help that. Or that maybe, just maybe there is more to adrenal fatigue than addressing only the adrenal glands or that the brain is not just a gigantic gaba neural network.

By the time I made it Curezone most of my problems were already gone, very bad insomnia, adrenal problems, intestinal parasites and heavy metals, and all the usual things that go with these. I already posted about my parasite problem and some about heavy metals.

Mikey is upset because I told him to stop the benzos cold turkey. A good friend of mine went through it like that and saved himself the prolonged agony. I know it's difficult but some things, like pulling teeth are best done quickly. I know people are suffering with these addictions, but I just do not buy that it is singly the worst problem of anyone here on Curezone, sorry but that's my opinion. And also I rarely see anyone honestly addressing the reason that they went on these drugs in the first place. If a single dose of vitamin c or lecithin sends your body so far out of balance, then guess what, you were not even remotely well in the first place.

I solved my sleeping problems with parasite cleansing. At 11 pm I would feel like I was wide awake and pumped with adrenaline until the large worms started coming out. I already posted a few times about how ridiculous it was for the insomniac Ipod crew to try ridiculing parasite cleansing while they are still suffering from obvious parasite symptoms.

I also did urine therapy and even went to an exorcist like you.

So if you want to pile on without taking advice from someone who has been there feel free it's no problem for me.

Most of the information I post recently is not detailed because honestly it's ridiculous to attempt to help someone without knowing their entire history. So I try to steer people in appropriate directions, and also because all of the information is already on Curezone if you actually look and not get pigeon-holed into a single mode of thought.

There are a number of people on here who are very intelligent and can help out, it's just that some people refuse to spread their wings and seek out help from different sources of information. Unyquity has expertise in helping people with both adrenal fatigue and benzo withdrawal, and she uses great tools like coffee enemas, appropriate diet etc. Most everyone associated with Trapper seems to have greatly improved. Almost everyone on the Liver Flush Forum is improved. Almost everyone on the Iodine forum is improved. A lot of people on the Nutritional Balancing forum are improved and cured. If it didn't work out for you, well that sucks, time to move on.

I see people here whining and whining about this practitioner did this to me, boo hoo boo hoo. Time to man up. Do you want to be a career whiner or get your sh%t together? Boo hoo I took a pill and it made me a benzo addict. No. You are responsible for your actions, not some practitioner who you chose to go see.

There is tons of information on Andreas Moritz 's old forum.
A lot of people are getting better on the Candida Forum s, and both Dr. Jeff and Dr. Bakker are well aware of adrenal fatigue issues. There are people getting better on the raw food forums. Didn't work out for you? Well boo hoo no one forced anyone to eat raw foods.

That combined with the recent takeover by the iPod gang has caused some friction, as when I try to set some people straight they get extremely confrontational. They would rather hold onto their problems than even take 3 minutes to consider something beyond where they have been already. Like I said, fine with me, I sleep well at night and the adrenal problems are mainly gone. I don't need to publish my entire life history for anyone, that part of my life is over, been there done that.

So if you want to be an arse and atack people who are trying to help you like some of the other iPod crew that's great, happy trails. If you want to think for yourself, keep and open mind and take 30 seconds of your life to listen to someone who has been there then I'll try to help out.

The younger people here are trying to turn this into a social club. That's fine and dandy, making friends and such. Mikey has tried to ostracize me by ridiculing parasite cleansing and other suggestions I make, calling me a troll, etc. The facts are something else. If you want to be in a strange social club where everyone is sick and consciously chooses being sick by listening to newbs who are still sick themselves, well god luck with that.

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