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How I do the plain liver flush
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Published: 8 years ago

How I do the plain liver flush

This is how I do the Plain Liver Flush by Hulda Clark

Morning of preparation for the flush:

No oil is allowed when preparing for the flush. Remember this is just one day of doing this so everyone can do it. This means no meat, no dairy. Nothing with fat in it.

Suggestions: boiled eggs with any dry seasonings. Toast and jelly
Oatmeal made with water and sweetener cinnimimon etc. any fruits
You can have tea or coffee with no creamers. Eat big. Bulk up

Lunch have a big lunch. A big baked potato is real good but again just salt pepper or spices on the potato. No sour cream butter and fixins.
All the veggies you can eat. I don't recommend eating Pea's because you don't want to get them confused with gallstones if you are lucky enough to get some out. I have gotten bowls full out but again, I have done several HW cleanses to get the liver flukes out of the way of blocking the Bilary tubes where the gallstones are.
Again, bulk up. The more you eat the better but don't eat so much to make yourselves sick. This is why I find a big baked potato helps bulk up. Drink plenty of water up till the time you can't drink anymore.

Ok this is assuming you go to bed at 10:00 pm. If you go to bed at 11:00 then you start taking your flush an hour later. If you go to bed at 9:00 pm then start the flush an hour earlier. So adjust the times to what time you go to bed.
I'm going to bed at 10:00 P.M. So at 2:00 pm I have to stop eating and drinking anything. I get out two jars and label them Jar 1 and Jar 2

In jar 1 you put three cups of Grapefruit juice or Apple Juice. I use pink grapefruit juice. One time I squeezed fresh grapefruit but too much work for me so I use the bottled. And to the three cups of grapefruit juice you put 4 tsblespoons of Epsom Salts.
In jar 2 : Put 1/2 cup good quality extra virgin Olive Oil and 1/4 cup grapefruit Juice. Put kids on both jars and put in frig to get cold.

6:00 pm. Get jar 1 out of frig. Shake up and pour out 3/4 cup and chug it down. Put jar 1 back in frig.
No drinking or eating after 2:00 pm remember. You will only be drinking the flush recipe as I tell you.

8:00 pm. Get jar 1 out of frig. Shake up and pour out 3/4 cup and guzzle down. Put jar 1 back in frig.
Now get all chores done and start getting ready for bed.
You can drink a little water if you need to take medications but don't take vitamins or herbs. Try not to take pain pills. Only what you really needs to take. You can take sleeping meds with your 10 o'clock dose if you have to for sleep.

10:00 pm. Get out jar 2 and you have to stir this one up. Some people find it easier to drink out of a straw. I plug my nose and chug down then I follow with a chaser of grapefruit juice to get the oil out of my mouth. It really helps then I tske a breath after my chaser and I don't taste the olive oil.
Very important step. Don't skip the 10:00 dose.
Get in bed right away. Within 10 mins and lay flat on your back, head on your pillow for 20 mins. Then you can turn anyway you want to sleep. Go to sleep. Don't watch tv or read a book. Go to sleep.
Oh before you go to bed you may need to visit the bathroom.

In the morning when you wake up go to the frig. Take out jar 1 shake up and pour out 3/4 cup and chug down. You will wait two hours and then take your last dose of jar 1 then you will be done taking your doses but you probably will not be done flushing. Let me explain.
First your bm's will be brown. This is coming from your colon. Once your colon is clear then your liver starts to dump toxins and gallstones if your Bilary tubes are clear. When the liver dumps it will be like you are peeing out your rectum. It will be clear. For me my liver usually starts dumping about 10 am. And lasts a few hours. Every 20 mins I have to visit the bathroom.
Everyone is different when their liver starts flushing so stay by a bathroom. Don't leave your house.
I suggest having a squirt bottle to rinse yourself off each time because poisen will come out and if you don't wash it off you could be left with a diaper rash. Lol. Just kidding about the diaper. Maybe have some A and D cream handy at the end. It all depends on how much poisen in I'm your liver.
This is a good thing to get rid of poisen in your liver. It is not so sluggish after. You will know when your body is done flushing. It will slow down then stop. At this time wait about 30 mins and eat light. Eat light foods for the rest of the day. Nothing heavy.
That's it. It really is not hard to do. It is not knowing what to expect they is scary. Once you do it you will say. Hmmm I can do this again.

If you do a HW cleanse you have to wait 2 weeks after the cleanse to do a plain liver flush because the HW is still working 2 weeks after you are done.
You can do a liver flush anytime after that or anytime before you do HW.
After you do a plain liver flush you have to wait 2 weeks before you can do another one. It is not advised to do one of you are sick with the flu.

Happy flushing and getting restored health... Donna (Matchmaker)

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