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What am i doing wrong?

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Published: 7 years ago

What am i doing wrong?


I've been doing Liver Flushes and i've not seen any stones.

I hoped they would improve my Acne and especially its blemishes, caused by a 3 year old use of birth control pills with anti-adrogens (dianette-like), being prescribed to treat cystic ovaries. Well now i know that was the greatest mistake of my life to ever take those, but the damage is now done. I believe the most affected organ is my liver and i've been feeling some sort of pressure/discomfort in its area, on the right side on the edge of the rib (it may also be the gallbladder calling?).

So here's what i usually do:
For 2 weeks prior the flush i drink chanca piedra tea, 2 cups or more per day. Then 6 days before the cleanse i start taking several malic acid capsules a day. On the day of the purge i would usually eat some cucumber salad in the morning and then i would take a few capsules of dandelion root which is supposed to stimulate bile production. In the afternoon i would take my first dose of magnesium citrate by Natural Vitality, which is usually half a tablespoon. Then by my third dose i would increase it to a full heaping tablespoon. I take these doses every hour. By my 6th or 7th dose i would have to visit the toilet and then i would usually do water + coffee enemas and then i would take the lemon/oil mixture and get into bed.
This is what i did the first 2 times and while i felt cleansed after the enemas, i couldn't notice any activity from the liver, even though i would stimulate it with massages. I would hardly fall asleep soundly, i would wake up during the night and feel some sort of indigestion or acidity from the mixture, and then i would have to visit the toilet a few times, because of the magnesium. And then late in the morning i would take another dose of magnesium citrate and do a few water enemas only to find anything but stones, just some bowel residue i would say.
I figured the timing might be off since the enemas take some valuable time to perform, so i took a different approach a few days ago. I tried the "classic" way with no enemas. So i did what i usually do and right after i had to visit the toilet i took the lemon/oil mixture and went to bed. I woke up during the night feeling some indigestion again and bowel pressure from the magnesium so i went to the toilet a few times. I felt relieved after that and the indigestion disappeared too. Later in the morning i woke up feeling the entire right side of my body weird - headache on the right side, weird teeth/jaw discomfort on the right side, back and waist discomfort on the right side. I took a dose of magnesium anyway, even though i knew i had failed to cleanse the liver again. Then i decided i'd do a few water enemas hoping to relieve these weird sensations. And what i saw was mostly bowel residue, maybe there was 1 green pea-sized thing, but honestly i don't know.
I feel my timing is completely off but i'm not sure. Please tell me what i'm doing wrong. When's the right time to take the lemon/oil mixture? Is it just before i get diarrhea or is it after or is my magnesium dose not enough to create the desired bowel explosion? Am i taking too less magnesium and then perhaps taking the mixture too early? And how are you actually supposed to try to sleep well if the magnesium keeps pushing you to the toilet bowl all night? I must be doing something really wrong, i wish this most important part of the cleanse was explained in great detail so we can always get the timing right.
I know some people also get indigestion/acidity from the mixture but still have successful flushes, so i wouldn't think that's the culprit for me, but who knows. I really hope to get some insight into my situation, as i feel my liver/gallbladder need to be cleansed.

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