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Digestion extremely screwed up from antibiotics please help?
randomgirl0106 Views: 7,350
Published: 9 years ago

Digestion extremely screwed up from antibiotics please help?

Hi. I'm 22 had problems with my health for around 10 years really. Insomnia, sleep paralysis, hypoglycemia, orthastatic intoleraance, cold all the time, extreme fatigue, extreme Sugar cravings (candida probably) and digestion issues and a ton more. Had constipation most of my life, when I turned 18 I started having mucus and gassy bowels frequently. I also had pain under my rib cage. Once tested to have elevated liver enzymes, but went back to normal, pain came from time to time though. When I turned 20 I had severe acne, no topical treatment responded to and they found I had elevated testosterone so I was put on yaz a birth control to fix that. It did cure my Acne while I was on it, it all cleared around the third month in, but I also got pink eye this month, became even more fatigued, got tonsilitis. I got Antibiotics for the tonsilitis, but it came back a few more times along with strep one time (was given Antibiotics for this too). My bowels also got worse around this time of birth control and Antibiotics . I had pain in my lower intestines anytime after I ate. I had to go frequently, my BMs were urgent but hard to get out at the same time, they were also now thin and completely undigested. At one point they were yellow and they were often clay colored.

My whole life doctors have told me nothing is wrong with me however. Even my stool sample I took back then they found nothing. I thought for sure I had Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome but read Lyme can mimic the symptoms so I got tested for Lyme which came back positive for an acute infection (no coinfections though). Was retested since then and it's been negative twice. I was given two weeks doxycycline for that and nothing changed. Finally I found a functional doctor one of his specialties is lyme. He decided to put me on a megadose Antibiotic protocol. I told him I had stomach problems so he has me taking lots of probiotics as well. I finished my second week on the protocol two days ago and my stomach has been in intense pain. It feels like I'm getting punched and stabbed in the stomach and under the right ribcage constantly especially after I eat now even though I'm on my days off antibiotics and have been taking the probiotics consistently and even done a few probiotic enemas. I've had diarrhea all the time now. My BM's went from being pencil thin and undigested to big foamy undigested piles of mush. I've also had increased pain in my legs, and itchy skin and sore anus (sorry this all tmi). I don't know if this a lyme herx or a sign I shouldn't be taking the antibiotics.

Today is Monday so I'm supposed to start on week 3 of antibiotics. I don't think I'm going to though. Should I? I really don't know what to do. I'm scared to keep taking antibotics. I think I might actually have heavy metal poisoning cause I have all the signs of mercury toxicity. My mom had 20+ Amalgam fillings put in before she got pregnant with me. I think I have candida too. But I know lyme can cause you to lose the ability to detox mercury and make you become mercury toxic. So I thought if I treated the lyme that could help (if I actually have lyme that is). But now I'm worried I just made myself even sicker, perhaps permanently and I don't know what to do. I have been trying to make myself better I do coffee enemas reguraly for months now and I have a healthy Diet no sugar, gluten, dairy. All I eat is rice, cooked veggies, some berries, chicken for the most. Eating makes me sick, but I need to eat more because I only weigh 100 lbs at 5'5 and I keep losin. How can I fix my stomach? And what do I do next?

BTW I've tested to be hypothyroid with adrenal fatigue and many vitamin deficiencies (D, B12, magnesium, iron) by this doctor showing I'm not absorbing vitamins by this doctor if that info helps.

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