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Re: Stressed about going into the workforce
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Stressed about going into the workforce

// (go to this site under cleanse for order of cleanse and duration)
colon cleanse to remove mucoid plaque and parasite cleanse under the directory
colon cleanse: option 1) organic whole psyllium husk with activated charcoal OR option 2) organic whole psyllium power (if stomach is sensitive use powder form) with terramin clay (I alternate between the two)
duration: one and half year and then 4 to 5X a week for life (if you want see what comes out do terramin clay)
organic whole psyllium from
activated charcoal from Pound/dp/B0026XWKKM/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1364022059&sr=1-1&keywords=activated+charcoal+powder
Terramin clay from
parasite cleanse: fully ozonated hemp oil (4 hours away from food- usually take it before bed)- 1/4 teaspoon for year and a half, humaworm- 3 months supply (mix with honey then water), barefoot- 2 bottles (3 teaspoons- 3X a week), zymex II- 1 bottle, Coq10 (1 1/2 teaspoon in honey once a week- 1 powder bottle)- start all at once and T-Rex zapper- try to zap 24 hours for one month continuously--
Iodine drops--- 2 to 4 drops everyday for life— must be Lugol’s brand
for maintenance: take ozonated hemp oil when you feel you need it…I take fully ozonated hemp oil 4 times a week all the time…
fully ozonated hemp seed oil from
humaworm from delivery, buy 3 months supply just in case you need more and you will most likely need more…
barefoot= P/W Elimination "B" Tincture from
or make your own tincture, you can make 3 year supply with $100, with dried herbs from or you can purchase dried herbs from
add 30% alcohol (vodka) to ½ full glass jar (I use a gallon jar) of herbs of your choice and place in a dark cabinet and shake 2X a day for 6 weeks and then drain…and then strain and place in smaller jars- lasts forever…
In a large glass jar: 1/2 herb mixture and fill almost to top (leave 2" at top free so you can shake the mixture) with 30% proof vodka....this will last forever--label the date and will be ready in 6 weeks- shake 2X a day...

Herbs- you go to Humaworm website and read all the ingredients and see which herbs you want to utilized, most herbs are in 1:2 ratio, so easy to calculate how much to order

I don't want to intake alcohol, so I boil 2 to 3 tablespoons of the following in water- same herbs can be used for tincture:
Olive leaf, clove, Wormwood , pau d'arco, elecampane, turmeric, burdock, fengreek, walnut hull

Haven't tried bloodroot yet, but planning on it soon...heard it is very strong and good for killing ascaris

I feel whole herbs are better quality then powder... you can place whole herbs into blender to turn it into powder form

I would buy a small amount of 2 different types of herbs from the following places and compare which has the best quality:

Noticed that parasites seems to build up immunity to herbs after awhile so its good to take breaks but ozonated oil always kills them
Standard Process Zymex II from amazon
Now brand Coq 10 powder
T-rex zapper from
It is important to do this all at once to minimize scattering of worms, remember everyone has worms so don't freak out and eventually 90% will die, unfortunately one can never be completely without parasites b/c their eggs are everywhere… remember the more you exercise the less infested you are…sweating (or infrared sauna) removes metals and pesticides from your body
You will be very tired for the first few months of the parasite cleanse, it is caused by toxins released from dead parasites…take a day off to rest from herbs and other remedies if you are too tired…
Wash vegetables and fruit with vegetable soap wash and then rinse with Iodine or ozonated water to kill parasites—can purchase ozonated machine or just use food grade iodine…do not eat sushi or raw salads that are prepared at restaurants or processed lunch meats- it is filled with parasite eggs…and never swim in pools, hot tubs, ponds, and lakes…and do not share drinks and food with other people…only eat cooked foods and only eat fruits and vegetables that you can peel…try to never eat out, only eat homemade clean food…
most important is taking fully ozonated hemp oil 1/4 teaspoon- for at least year and a half every night and take when you feel its needed as well-- it cured scattering for me (by 90%- sometimes I feel parasites but it is a lot less then before)-- small pets .09 cc/ml every night, away from food for 3 months and then once a week ---when you feel they need another parasite cleansing for duration of one week (2X a year)—also give pets foodgrade DE on their dried food, for 1 month---I give them terramin clay water once or twice a week…also, I give then one drop of lugol’s in a cup of water 4X a week
I would do the herbs for at least 5 months straight and fully ozonated hemp oil or fully ozonated olive oil for at least 1 1/2 years and then alternated between the 2 as needed...

Please do not take pharmaceuticals to kill parasites, it will weaken your immune system and kill beneficial flora

I personally have parasite overgrowth from not cleaning my fruits and vegetables in Iodine water
(I didn't know to clean properly, previously)

Also, I took Antibiotics about 5 times, which kills all your gut flora...I didn't know this at the time…

Eating fermented vegetables, kefir cheese, and yogurt will rebuild gut flora…
All you need is Ozonated olive oil or hemp oil or and herbs to purify your organs, the rest is just extra and not a necessity... I recommend that you start your Colon Cleanse at the same time as your parasite cleanse and do not stop either till the colon is 100% took me a year to clean out my colon...when you think you are have 3 more months of Colon Cleanse to go

The Colon Cleanse also pushes out lots of parasites and embedded parasite eggs stuck in colon pockets....

Make sure you purify your water with a reverse osmosis machine b/c tab water has lots of parasites (and fluoride which lowers IQ by 15) and reverse osmosis removes all parasites eggs (and minerals, unfortunately- take azomite- 1 teapoon in water like 3X a week or when you crave it, to replenish)

I rent my reverse osmosis machine for $30 a month buy cost 1k

If you want glowing skin...try Wombat High-odine creme... just search wombat creme on curezone search engine or you can make your own--rub on your face and neck...shave your face and neck everyday with a razor upside down w/ soapy water on face and you will never wrinkle...I look at least 12 years younger than my real age

Also, you can rub lemon on your face...I also, drink 5 cups of lemon water a day...(I eat about 2 to 4 lemons a day)

Remember do not take Antibiotics and do not get any type of vaccinations--- ruins your body and causes cancer

Remember everyone has parasites and that you are actually doing something about it...

If you can fast for 40 days straight (Master cleanse for 40 days) will kill 100% of parasites, eggs (all stages) and remove all vaccination residues... I can only fast for 30 hours tops, so its not for me...but if you have the will power, this would be the fastest way to remove parasites

Everyday, morning shake:

1 organic lemon unpeeled, 1 organic apple peeled- leave inner seed- cut out cork ends, piece of ginger, 3 to 7 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of olive oil or pumpkin seed oil...

Also, you can drink ozonated water...I don't drink ozonated water (works only for gut) b/c I take ozonated oil which works for all parts of your body and lasts up to 24 hours
It is a lot to do...the most important things would be Colon Cleanse (any of the 2 options), fully ozonated hemp oil or fully ozonated olive oil, herbs, Andreas kidney cleanse tea and liver cleanses...(cost is around $90 a month) b/c the parasites and eggs live in the mucoid plaque build up in your colon, so until you remove all the plaque (can take up to a year) you will always get re-infested....the rest is just extra...(the most important is drinking reverse osmosis water b/c tap water is filled with metals and parasite eggs)

I spent thousands of dollars trying various things and $90 a month is all you need to cleanse your whole body

Many people feel tired (CFS) also b/c they have thyroid issues: you can eat 5 brazil nuts (contains Selenium and Magnesium) and 4 drops or higher of Lugol's Iodine a day (some poeple take a crazy amount of Iodine but I wouldn't b/c you can get Iodine poisoning)-- takes one year to re-set thyroid...

Also, you may want to chelate metals out of body- chorella, Now brand: modified citrus pectin, terramin clay, cilantro, lemon water through out the day, pineapples (may take up to 4 years to chelate metals) cures lots of metal illness such as anxiety, OCD, depression...

Pineapples, pumpkin seeds, and papaya with the seeds kill parasites...(I eat either pineapple or papaya everyday...At Wholefoods they have a large pineapple square container that is labeled value pack ($5 a lb), it last 2 to 3 days...
I wanted to share that I been doing Colon Cleanses on my cats by sprinkling organic psyllium husk powder on their dried food, parasite cleanse: .09 cc/ml of fully ozonated hemp oil for 3 months (3 to 5 times a week) and then once a week as maintenance, also 1/3 teaspoon of foodgrade DE (1 month only), and plaque removal in pets: I soak some q-tip in olive oil and rub it along their teeth and gum- only the outer teeth portion and I hold their mouths closed by holding top of their nose and jaw line while they sit on my lap...all the plaque removes within 5 to 7 can do this daily and not have to go for a dental will notice that plaque will fall off within the first/second week and might be able to scrap it off with your finger nail...
The best orgone and EVG
Orgone and EVG nullify EMF, EMR, RF, micro, Cell Phone waves and dissipates chemtrails—orgone transform negative energy (positive charge ions) into positive energy (negative charge ions)—if you purchase them, charge them in sunlight once a week and rinse it under water for 5 min once a month…
Ener-Chi Ionized Stones-
Ener-Chi ionized stone ionize your water and food and re-align your chakra—seems silly but it works—Native American Indian Stones—you can use your seed stone to charge other stones, your widows, wood floors, and any other natural objects—
I have lots of orgone and ionized stones and I don’t get any Cell Phone reception in my apartment at all, so I know it works! My apartment is noxious electrical wave free…
Kidney Cleanse- between every 3 liver cleanses
watermelon seed tea-
Herbs for kidney cleanse works very well for lower back pain-

Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Cleanse- Liver flush! ----I do the Andreas Liver Flush (I don't do the Epsom Salt part and don’t do enema before the liver flush--- can do ozonated water enema to kill parasites in lower colon but then need ozone machine—or can purchase Black-Walnut drops for enema)-- need at least 30 Liver Cleanses if you are over 30, at least 3 weeks apart ---can add phosfood drops by standard process to remove more stones-- can substitute malic acid for apple juice--- some people don’t release as much stones between their 10th and 20th liver cleanse then release a bunch at the 21st or 24th one so that is why we need to do 30 to 50 liver cleanses…it is harmful if you do just one or two Liver Cleanses and stop…I am planning on doing at least 100 liver cleanses…
next morning of the liver cleanse, I drink 3 tablespoons of charcoal water and drink a large cup of psyllium husk and I don't feel all the toxins from the liver stones

Water filtration system-
Make sure to remove fluoride and glyphosate from your water and shower water as well, your skin absorbs more fluoride than drinking the tap water
Fluoride decreases people’s IQ points by 15 points…

I can’t afford to filter the tab water to shower so I take showers every other day and very quickly…hot water increase fluoride toxicity by 10 folds…so try to shower with cold in the summer or fast as possible…

To remove metals and fluoride salts in your body takes up to 4 years- Make sure to replace all your metal fillings in your mouth before metal detox:

Eat lots of organic pineapple, chlorella, modified citrus pectin, cilantro, lemon water, and these supplements helps to remove metals from your brain:

Do not buy Chlorella from Japan- radiation…buy from natural news from Taiwan

---If you shave your face and neck upside down everyday (soapy water face- I use clay soap), prevent wrinkles. Also, Dr-roller is good for Acne scars and wrinkles -

Good supplements:

Best yogurt:

THE LAST RESORT FOR PARASITES: BLOODROOT very strong, not for sissies




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