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Lineup, I am not sure you get the point

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

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Published: 8 years ago

Lineup, I am not sure you get the point

I am not trying to inflame anyone. I am going to post what you wrote in pm to me. It sounds very well thought out and rational, but the bottom line? You're still bs'ing. Spence/shrimpy is making more sense. If they are all lying no one can do anything about it, but there are too many people for them all to be lying.

I asked you point blank are you cured or not? And you never answer. Shrimpy/spence, tropicalboy, and some other people claim they are cured.

I didn't ask you for a lecture about what you think you know or how much time you have researched. Shrimpy made another good point that you are treating yourself playing doctor. If it worked it would be fine, but it has not worked.

So no more bs ok?

This is even for your own good because you are still sick.

Just let everyone know that you are not cured, that other people are cured, and your self treatment has not worked. bottom line is no one cares about how much you know, especially if what you know hasnt amounted to anything. People care only about getting cured. Stop diagnosing yourself, you are not qualified.

This is your pm to me

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Rather than inflaming a forum, better for me to address this through email.

I don't think you should model either shroom or me to determine your outcome. The issue with parasitology is what species you are dealing with, with that knowledge then you can determine the proper drug approach. Since most parasites respond differently to different drugs. Many times it is necessary to combine different drugs with the most prevelant being Flagyl (tinindazole, secnidazole), paromomycin, Alinia (nitazoxanide), other lumicidals such as furoxone and diloxanide furoate. There are other drugs that can be used as well.

In regards to others, I do not think they have eliminated their problems in spite of numerous medicine rounds.

Doctors are reluctant to prescribe any Antibiotic so this becomes an issue as well. You can see Dr. Cahill who will give you a prescription but he is one of the few that will.

Sadly I have spent a great amount of time reading, researching and trial and error to get answers. There is no surefire way to address the parasite issue. Many species are now known to have mutated versions that act differently than other versions. This is known as subtypes.

Dr. Stensvold has a blog and now offers testing via PCR which is very accurate. I have a list of the testing labs at my blog. BTW, I do not benefit any way in my blog since it is not commercialized or benefit in any other way with the exception is that I like to help people. That provides me good medicine to know that I can do something of benefit.

I didn't pm you, I posted on the forum so everyone could see, you should do the same.

Why is it so hard for you to go to a qualified doctor? How can this pcr testing be as good as a doctor looking at your sample directly? You are talking nonsense.

I can see you genuinely do want to help people, but the bottom line? You are not qualified.

There is an old Sufi expression: If you want to truly help others you must first help yourself.


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