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simple cure, just supplements and diet?
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Published: 9 years ago

simple cure, just supplements and diet?


Wouldn't that be nice, though? If only.

I far greater prefer an easy solution like just popping a few pills a day. At least over a solution where I have to put real effort in, annoying and uncomfortable, doing something like meditating.

To be sure, the supplements and diet have helped. A great deal. But what has really made fundamental difference has been calming down my stress system. Sheer time has done that. Removing stressors definitely helped. But I never kept up with the relaxation and meditation. And of all the therapies I would recommend for curing, not just relieving symptoms, those would be top most. Relax.


I've gotten much, much better over time. I've dialled in some solidly beneficial supplements and dietary practices. I'm well enough for a 9-to-5 job as a tech worker, staying focused and clear-headed, awake all day. I get regular, restful sleep. My digestion is good. My hair has stopped falling out. My skin is rarely sorely dry. My tendons rarely spontaneously ache. I had dozens of painful, irritating, depressing, embarrassing symptoms, and they have been fading like morning fog. Well, on a slow-dawning day.

I can't help but think that it would not have taken 6 years if I'd emphasized meditation and relaxation exercises from the start. Sure, the diet and supplements would have been greatly supportive, even necessary, but the progress came from calming the dysregulated stress axis, the freaked out L-HPA axis. And, again, that was mainly time.

I know a lot of others out there have the same style of "Adrenal Fatigue" illness I do, the same syndrome, the same causes if not the exact same symptoms. You can't live in this world without great risk of getting emotionally beat down. There should be a lot of us here.

I'm basically done here, but I'm sticking around. It matters to me that everyone do well — though I'm trying not to be too attached to the idea! So, for those who'll hear me and benefit, I remain. Really, I'm only just out of the woods, anyway. And recent stress threatens relapse. So it still does me good to hang around. I want to nail down the relaxation, the equanimity, get it permeating to the core of my mind. But I should say that I'm just about done.

Turns out that one style of relaxation breathing is pretty damned easy. Think "sigh of relief".

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