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PANCHAKARMA is a Solution here..
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Published: 8 years ago
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PANCHAKARMA is a Solution here..

Hi dear.. :)

Well, I read a few recipes here of how ppl fixed that issue (just go to the recommended messages section and see there too.

U know I am studing Ayurveda now (in one of the schools) of India..

Anyhow we study that every person was born with a particular constitution and it is usually related to 3 doshas... at times our body constitution has the mixture of doshas..

It is long explainations of what is what.. so one of the Dosha (Pitha) has that foul body smell (which comes sort of naturally but in Moderations) coz Pitha people usually have Loads of heat in their bodies (they prefer colder climate, cool drinks, raw/cold food, they do Not have constipation and going to the toilet like 2-3 times a day and their stool is soft and so on (normal stuff) if this dosha is Aggravated then the person can eperience - yellowish discoloration of stool, urin, eyes, skin., Exess hunger, EXCESS thirstm burning sensation, Excess sweating, stickiness, Anger, emotional sensitivity, fainting, vomiting of bile and so on... so it seems to me that ur Pitha dosha is Aggravated now and that is why u have that EXCESS of foul smell..

So I bet you also have Aggravated Pita dosha as that Foull smell of the body comes INTENSIVELY.

IDEAL option is to go for the consultation with Ayurvedic doctor and GO FOR PANCHAKARMA which will detox ur body and BALANCE ur dosha (Pitha) INCLUDING ur foul smell. Anyhow it is IDEAL option for u.

Also u need to make some diet change for sure -

Take MORE of Sweet (fruits, rice, milk products and so on), Bitter (neem, bittergourd and so on), Astringent foods (pomegranate, cumin seeds..).

LESS - Sour (citrus fruits, pineapple, berries..), Salty (salt, fish..), Pungent ( gingerm garlic, cinnamon, cloved, mustard, turmeric, chilly, pepper..). You can eat them obviously but in moderation and Limit them when ur Pitha is Aggravated... Reduce hot drinks (tea and especially coffee), drink tea with milk.. Honey ones in a blue moon and NOT (!) with hot tea (!!)..reduce Alcoholic drinks, eat PROPER lunch and less for dinner (around 6-7 p.m).

Be less near computors..

See I told u that based I u have Pitha aggravation.. but u can have (as I do) other aggravations with 2 remaining (it is just Foul smell is SURELY pitha stuff..

So u can stick to what i advised u but DO have the consulatation with AYURVEDIC doc and DO go for PANCHAKARMA (!).. It Surely help u a big time. :)


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