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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

Hello Taluson,

I am glad to hear you are getting better.

One issue with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is the numbers. Jim Humble claims that millions have taken Miracle-Mineral-Supplement but only a few hundred or maybe a thousand have reported improvements. 4 years ago when this tread was started the positive reports listed here were only 89. 4 years later we have millions and millions that Jim Humble claims to have taken Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and the improvements have increased from 89 to 130.

So if I offer you a man made chemical that works 130 out of millions and millions tries, are you still interested?

The exception to this is malaria. In the short term it appears that MMS works to eliminate malaria for a day or two but Jim Humble has never gone back to an area to see if the results are holding a week or a month or a few months later. Or to check what side effects were encountered.

Sodium chlorite is manufactured from chlorine dioxide. It is a more stable form of chlorine dioxide. It has an alkaline pH and to release the chlorine dioxide from it you need to drop the pH of the solution by adding an acid. The lower you drop the pH the more chlorine dioxide released. The concentration of the initial sodium chlorite solution determines how much chlorine dioxide is available for release.

You have discovered that PPM refers to concentration. Let's compare MMS use and water treatment use. Water treatment uses 2 PPM free chlorine dioxide to disinfect the water and limits residual chlorite to 0.8 PPM. When chlorine dioxide breaks down it looses an electron and forms chlorite. Chlorite is a disinfection by product of using chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is extremely unstable. Chlorite is very stable.

MMS calls for drinking a solution that has over 300 PPM available chlorine dioxide (as chlorite) and by activating it somewhere in the range of 30 - 70 PPM of the available is released as free chlorine dioxide depending upon the activation time. Keep in mind that all the safety studies done with water treatment were using much lower concentrations.

Does it make sense to you that safety studies done at 2 PPM also indicate that it is safe to go to 300 PPM?

When you ingest a poison you body fights against it and you experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Does this sound familiar? A little poison may have some benefit but that doesn't mean that if a little is OK a whole lot more is better.

Jim Humble continues to ignore the side effects of long term exposure to this man made chemical. Chlorite reduces the hormone levels in the body and seems to reduce cellular magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and sulfur. Unfortunately testing for cellular levels of these essential minerals is controversial and expensive. This limits the number of people that are willing to follow up on this. In spite of that early results are showing a trend.

What isn't clear is how much is too much and how long is too long.

That covers the basics. If you have particular questions spell them out. Understand that there are numerous uses of sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, and chlorous acid and water treatment is high on the list of uses. Many point out that the body is made up of mostly water and it is entertaining to think that something that purifies water may also purify the body. However if you ever need a transfusion I don't think you want bags of water put into your body... You would quickly die regardless of how pure the water was.


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