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How is this crud still alive!?!? 28 days with no food, master cleanse, iodine, humaworm, turpentine, grapefruit seed extract (previous 5yrs of doing everything so many experts say to do)
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Published: 8 years ago

How is this crud still alive!?!? 28 days with no food, master cleanse, iodine, humaworm, turpentine, grapefruit seed extract (previous 5yrs of doing everything so many experts say to do)

Ok as many can appreciate with candida, wow.. This is some battle..

I'll not stress with stories of turmoils, losses, severe Depression and wishes for death from the previous 5yrs of hell, I believe those wishes and state of mind are in large the causative factor of my health issues.

I'll also not list the endless list of supplements, how hard (and expensive) it was transitioning to whole natural foods, organic foods, a year of ketogenic diet, a year of vegetarian diet, the loss of 'career' and 75 percent of all income being spend on attempting to rid this bane.

Some of the symptoms i've cured throughout the years are as follows...

I cured chronic upper back pain
I cured chronic lower back pain
I cured carpal tunnel syndrome
I cured arthritis
I cured knee/spinal/hip/neck/wrist inflammation
I cured cracking joints in the same areas as above
I cured multi coloured stools/gastro intestinal bleeding
I cured acid reflux
I cured IBS
I cured crohns/polyps/pain in passing stool
I cured tonsilitis/strep throat
I cured eczema/fungal skin infection
I cured pilonidal sinus/sacrum pain
I cured heavy plaque formation
I cured urgency to urinate
I cured shooting pains in stomach (likely a stomach ulcer)
I cured bleeding lungs (quitting smoking... easiest bit)
I cured shortness of breath
I cured borderline obesity from a young age (currently 27, became slim @ 22)
I cured low energy
I cured anxiety
I cured depression
I cured infection under the gumline
I cured infection of the lungs
I cured sinusitis
I cured penile discharge
I cured an unwilling will
I cured a lack of self worth (sporadic recurrences though)
I cured a lack of self confidence
I cured a lack of belief (to a degree)
I cured a lack of faith (to a degree)

I'm of the belief that all of these symptoms are merely a product of (mentally) a damaged state of being/unwilling will and emotional traumas. Combined with (physically) being brought up on the poor and dumb diet and laziness leading to a weakened immune system, candida and parasites.

Essentially my body and being is breaking (dying) rather than building (living) due to the hostile environment it is in. It is unconfirmed by a medical 'professional' (dumb/cruel pill pushers) but I have symptoms of melanoma and lymph lumps, cancer was rife in my body although undiagnosed, the diagnosis would cause negative belief in those surrounding me and would seal my fate so I taken in my own hands to keep shtum and tackle this head on, the lymphs are currently unswollen as I have high dosed vit C to flush the lymphs. The melanoma formation (above a lymph under the groin) is slowly healing.. I'm adding Iodine to burn this fricker off.. So, I am on top of this condition, through realising that cancer pops up when our being is in a conscious or unconscious self destructive/hostile environment I have found a new will and an ability ready to be nurtured, this is all so much about belief, perception and intent so much as physical acts.

Anyways I have given 5 years of physical acts and effort whilst studying states of mind, power of belief etc. and giving endless amount of money, time and effort in practice to rid my ills yet something is still allowing this candida to proliferate in my body, i've already taken what many would believe drastic measures/impossible feats but it is still in me! I am ready to take this to a level even someone as contemporary as I would consider irresponsible... Theres a chance I will lose it and swig a huge gulp of Turpentine as Dr Daniels says someone did then passed a tumor out of there rectal crevace!!

Any experience or advice that can be offered do help, you could literally be saving a life here, maybe a few.. My mum would have a breakdown if I died and my little bro aint got no chance of survival, he is lazt,waited on hand and foot by mum and aint worked a day in his life!

I am ridding the parasites, need to rid candida and return to a happy and 'normal' life, the only physical symptoms currently manifest are

Low stomach acid production/Inability to digest proteins/Inefficient assimilation of nutrients (this may be solved as I slowly reintroduce foods half way through parasite cleanse... I'm also planning to introduce Colon Cleanse in the form of psyllium/senna/cascara sagrada to aid elimination of parasites half way through the parasite cleanse)

Tonsillolith lodged in lower throat/thyroid (i can actually feel this loosening)

And the thing which sparked this outrage and looooong post.... (Apologies for the graphic nature) An unreasonably quick overgrowth of candida under the foreskin!!! I am a pleasing lover and love being pleasingly loved but have not had a normal sex life for over 5 years due to this crud... I've had no libido, a lowered drive to do or enjoy anything whatsoever and pure ched... The issues faced means that even with a gentlemans wash, I am not interested in procreation!!! It is such a shame.

I'm confident that with the way I was raised, my refusal to eat vegetables/fruit through child and teen years and my promiscuity throughout teenage years/early twenties that I have actually had candida from birth. I was fed on formula, ate box meals and skipped physical education as a kid (I was to be born April fools day, Mum didn't want that so drank a bottle of castor oil to get me out early on 26th March... Something tells me she was suffering a yeast infection too but wouldn't admit it tbh, she loves us kids but is too proud to be truthful)

Anyways it got too much, i'd done 5 years of graft trying to sort this and it still held on. Using prior experience I decided this is the final straw, the last shot, I will succeed!

Started with a master cleanse (despite concerns online that the Sugar feeds the yeast, I believed the removal of mucus and toxins from this program a vital step formward, also the white build up on the tongue... I'd say this is cadida... The fact that this is documented on The Master Cleanse to clear up in time indicates to me that this could actually be a key to ridding candida.)

I did 26 days of master cleanse whilst waiting for the humaworm to arrive. The Master Cleanse clearly did lots of good, my tongue is a lot clearer but not fully cleared yet.

Now i've started humaworm I am on water alone, 28 days without food. Fingers crossed for progress because i'm so hungry and could cry at times not being able to live an enjoyable life tasting some of the fine foods I learnt to cook well throughout recent years.

I have also been taking high doses of grapefruit seed extract for around 14 days. Maybe double the recommended 12 drop 3x per day. I take so much that it hurts my kidneys, I can however see that doing the Grapefruit-Seed-Extract has really accelerated clearing up my tongue.

I have also been doing the Turpentine protocol (to the extreme) as recommended by Dr Daniels. I did a teaspoon on Sugar every day for a week then 3 x per week for the following two weeks. When I do the Turpentine there is a lot more yeasty gunk in the toilet when I unleash bucket loads of butt pee.

I have also been ultra dosing 12% Iodine for a full week 6 drops 3x per day, this seems to secrete a sweetish taste from under my gumline and I believe it to have helped curing under the gumline infection/alkalising the body.

My saliva/nasal/urinal PH are neutral, my bowel ph is highly alkaline.

I seem to be making good progress but have lost so much weight that it is a concern now. I need to eat but no longer have a clue what to eat to continue aiding the elimination of yeast rather than proliferation... I'd go onto all fat/protein to be 100% sure no carbs are feeding the yeast but last time I tried slowly reintroducing meats after a year of vegetarian I passed the chicken I ate still in its chickeny form!!! Albeit a shade of brown, the protein fibers had clearly not been broken down... Brown chicken in my poo!!! I love chicken!!! Chicken curries.. Chicken Legs on the bbq... Chicken sandwich (bread... another thing I have hardly eaten for 5 years!!!) Thai style chicken and brown rice soup... Roast dinner with chicken... Holy guacamole... I just wanna enjoy foods I love again :/

I understand how 2 decades of abuse have taken their toll but three quarters of that I was oblivious and powerless to change. I've given so much to fixing this problem yet still suffer. If there was a god in the common external sense my efforts would be acknowledged by now for I believe very few would have worked this hard to overcome their turmoils. I work to discover our oneness with god, this abstinence and sacrifice being a part of that journey... But still I suffer.... Woe woe, shall I not throweth my body from the bridge with bricks tied to my ankles?

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