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Re: How is this crud still alive!?!? 28 days with no food, master cleanse, iodine, humaworm, turpentine, grapefruit seed extract (previous 5yrs of doing everything so many experts say to do)
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How is this crud still alive!?!? 28 days with no food, master cleanse, iodine, humaworm, turpentine, grapefruit seed extract (previous 5yrs of doing everything so many experts say to do)

Recently done heavy vitamin C dosing for 6 months, GSE, bentonite/apple fibre, turpentine, cloves, ginger, garlic, cinnamon teas, 26 day master cleanse followed with 2 days water, I almost passed out, back to 2 days of master cleanse/orange juice, detox baths now into humaworm. Noticed thick coating during master cleanse and quicker buildup under foreskin. This cleared and tongue started to clear around day 23 (when I REALLY started hitting the Grapefruit-Seed-Extract funny enough..) I thought, right it's on the back foot almost gone, i'm gonna do Water Fast till it is gone (at this point tongue and foreskin buildup gone, and tonsillolith lodged in throat felt really loose) then after two days water my tongue, penis and tonsil stone flared up something crazy... I'd have kept it up but seriously almost passed out a number of times, fast heartbeat and shortness of breath due to candida in lungs. Supplements... Well where to begin? I've been at this for 5 years, my thoughts are at this point to do the humaworm, do the natural antibiotic/antiviral, do the lung/liver/kidney flush, do the candida cleanse and then that is me, by August whether it has gone or not, I am done with all this BS, time to let go and live again be it my last few years or many years ahead, can't take this anymore. This has lost me my job in committing to fully heal, even living on roughly £2 a day is hard enough especially giving how expensive humaworm products are. Have you seen how much the individual herbs cost compared with the sale price of these things!?!? I may be forced to make blends of my own cos i'm struggling to live here. Oh yeh... Supplements... (at various time periods) Threelac, garlic, ginger, turmeric, berberine, mastic gum, Bentonite clay, digestive enxymes, 100 billion cfu probiotics, kefir (2 pints a day), a number of herbal colon cleanses, hemp protein (due to inability to digest most proteins) ketosis diet, vegetarian, all organic, gluten free, GSE, iodine, himalayan salt, bicarbonate of soda, wheatgrass powder, juice fasting, water fasting, master cleanse, salt water flush, omega 3/5, blackcurrant seed oil, echinecea, goldenseal, milk thistle, zinc, biotin, every herbal tea under the sun. Beyond a joke. I'm beginning to believe that what the candida industry accuses the conventional medicine industry of... It is doing itself, but even worse. So many promises of this will work, that will work the other will work and nothing works, they simply take your money and run. Every principle about candida is contradicted in some instance, this is good, no it isnt, this works because, that works because.. but if that works because that means that this works because is a fib? No carbs, no fats. Everyone is an expert yet 95 percent of them have a product to sell. I need to ifnd someone who has got id of this crap.. Who did not bankrupt themselves in doing so who can share (not sell) me their story, cos I have nothing left at all. I've literally tried everything out there I can afford to try, cross reference and practiced every principle with no success.

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