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Re: Underlying cause behind Bronchitis/Asthma, Folliculitis, Diarrhea and Psychosis?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Underlying cause behind Bronchitis/Asthma, Folliculitis, Diarrhea and Psychosis?

My opinion differs from a lot but I would first ask, what is your current diet? Believe it or not , I had a similar case with psychedelics. I never used to have anxiety until I got into them, but after I always experienced anxiety. I had several "bad trips" while on psychedelics, which in return made me have bad trips in life without any drugs, so I felt like I was stuck for life!

In my opinion, that's a part of life. Life isn't supposed to be so easy. Part of life is struggle. It's finding meaning in the struggling that counts. So yes maybe at the time I regretted my psychedelic drug intake but now I don't at all . Especially mushrooms and marijuana, that grow on this planet naturally for thousands of years, are apart of our evolution. Why do you think scientist found cannibinoids (probably spelt that wrong) in breast milk? These "drugs" have been around so long and have done exactly what they have done to you and I , to other people, for centuries.

Now I'm not advocating the use of, and I don't think I will ever take a psychedelic again, but i very grateful for the experiences that I had, even if horrible. Because now I learned how to cope with my anxiety. I also recommend if you smoke pot, you cut it way down or take a long break from it. Once I did this, my anxiety went way down.

But please please don't take pharmaceuticals .. They have only been around for a short while comparatively and often cause intense anxiety. They are drugs that industries make money off of! I was on Prozac for a while and once I got off , it was hard, but I felt so much better in the long run..

So summary- what's your diet? do tests (at home) to see what bothers you mentally and physically.
Then about psychedelics.. You can't go back in time. What's done is done. So what I did, instead of regretting my decisions, I owned up to them and actually got really into music. I never played before but I felt like a piece of my Brain had been opened up, and at first I didn't want it to be open, but it already was, so I used that open mind to be creative. It's about channeling that creativeness. No great artist is anxiety free. Most of the time, the greater the artist , the more anxiety they had/have.

And art can be anything. What do you love to do? Channeling this "fear and anxiety" into something creative is one of more spectacular things us humans can do.

Last note- have you ever seen a therapist? I'm sure you have . I went through 5 to find the right one. No drugs or Any of that bull shit. Just talking about deep moments in my life that I never thought needed to be addressed, which opened even more doors than psychedelics did, also in a controlled way. I recommend getting one that won't prescribe you drugs and if not, just talk to someone or even start journaling. You just need to get this feeling out so you can see it front of you.

Hope I helped in some way.


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