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Desperate help needed, about to throw the towel in. Measures to improve humaworm effectiveness?

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 8 years ago

Desperate help needed, about to throw the towel in. Measures to improve humaworm effectiveness?

I am on day 15 of Humaworm cleanse and still nothing suspect coming out. Shall I up the dosage to 6 pills a day instead of 4 meaning I have 9.33 days remaining rather than 14?

I also have Lufenuron which I plan to load towards the last few days of humaworm to help break the fungal/parasitic lining. I have good faith that Lufenuron will help so please no nay sayers and wanna be rights on the lufenuron front... What I need to know with the Lufenuron is would it be best taken sooner, later or beyond completion of humaworm???

I have been dealing (consciously) with candida for 5 years, and have tried every cleanse/supplement/diet and protocol in the book, seriously it is an absolute travesty that with 5 years of such effort I still suffer. This is a last ditch effort, I have no money and no job, I had to fully commit to getting on top of whatever is causing these issues. I am very lucky to have a supportive family...

I suspect candida has been a lifelong infection of 28 years. I have an a4 list of symptoms that are symptoms of candida that I have managed to rid through various measures throughout the last 5 years of being conscious of this problem yet still a few symptoms remain and I know it's still doing some dirty work in my body.

From where I was at and where I am now it is really a miracle, I almost died. Right now major concerns and symptoms have disappeared as if by magic, this message is lengthy as is so i'll not go into how serious some symptoms were but put it one way, if i'd gone to the docs, theyd have signed me up as having cancer, made a lot of money then added me to the die soon list. I'm winning but the battle is not over just yet, a few bugbears remain.

I have partially digested food in stool, (I went vegetarian for over a year and recently started to slowly reintroduce meats), the lamb came out fibrous, softened, yet visibly similar to the state it went in, I also tried reintroducing fats/proteins in mushed forms as this is something my body is clearly not dealing to well with (loss of weight and muscle mass in particular indicates so)peanut butter comes out as it goes in also and when I have cream my stools are sticky and non formed as though the cream is passing straight through also. The lamb is significantly chewed also.

It is disgusting and embarrassing but I am also still experiencing quick build up under the foreskin, this has killed any idea of a sex life for the past five years and is a huge debilitating factor in getting back around to leading a normal life. The efforts I go to, how clean I eat and live yet still I feel like a piece of fungus scum.

Candida has been on its last legs a few time but always managed to resurface, 2 weeks water fasting, juice fasting, 4 weeks master cleansing, a year vegetarian, a year ketosis GOD HELP ME!!!!!!! What have I done or not done to deserve this? I used to be 240 lbs, recently i weight in at 150 lbs!

It feels I am closest to ridding it ever but the undigested food and excessive requirements for genitourinary health is really smashing my will.

Since recently discovering the symbiotic nature of candida/parasites I thought this can be the only way they are still holding on, so I sell what little I have left to afford these humaworm pills and I pass no worms whatsoever. Nothing suspect. The movement in my stomach has gone but no significant die off, no passing of anything suspect and still penis scum, undigested food and red liver/gallbladder marks on the tongue!

Give me strength to beat this. Show me the key because this is beyond a joke. put me up and I will come make you the healthiest foods you will ever eat day in day out, you will return to a spick and span home and be serviced in every way possible, just give me the remedy to this BS!

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