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In Deep Trouble. Need Help.

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dpier87 Views: 3,641
Published: 7 years ago

In Deep Trouble. Need Help.

Hey. So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.. my symptoms are disabling, and I'm not getting any better... although I am hoping that perhaps the Psyllium ABC Cleanse I was taking in the morning (w/my 30mg Prozac, 5mg Hydrocortisone, 45mg Thyroid, and 7.5mg Valium) was absorbing some or all of the meds... I am now taking this before I go to bed, well after I take my meds so that there is no possible way they would interact.

My current symptoms are as follows:

Dry Mouth
Severe Depersonalization/Derealization
Brain Fog
Fits of rage
Body/Joint Pain, weakness
Tingling extremities
Muscle Loss/Low weight despite ample nutrition and calories
Severe gut pain
Memory issues bordering on a dementia patient
Heart Palpitations
Burning Skin
Sensitivity to sounds
Severe anxiety at times; feeling stiff as a board and unable to talk... catatonic
Severe food sensitivities /intolerances
Breathing difficulties
OCD Mind racing
Feeling like I'm hallucinating at times
Suicidal feelings, thoughts, ideations

I am on 20mg of HC, 45mg of Armour Thyroid (1 pill + a broken half pill... so dose varies... but 90 over two days), and I just made a 2-3% cut from 15mg of Valium... I made it because I was not stabilizing and thought I was in tolerance... or, I don't know.

What goes in my body is as follows:
Frozen veggies (beans, brussell sprouts, etc)
Fresh organic veggies such as brocolli, green peppers, etc.
Soaked and cooked legumes
Coconut Oil/Wheat Germ Oil
Nutritional Yeast
I also take a probiotic pill (
and raw saurekraut

Have been also taking 1 T of ABC Bulk Cleanse (Psyllium colon cleanse) every day with a capsule or two of cascara sagrada.

Things started drastically going south for me last fall when I updosed my Valium up to 10mg, and then increased 10 fold when I updosed again to 15mg... everything became much worse, and I don't know if the psyllium absorption of meds plays any part in this... it's been 5 days since making absolutely sure they are apart.... and every day my symptoms have intensified...

Basically, I don't know what the hell to do.

I have been taking my HC 5mg- 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm but now have started taking it 5mg at 8am, 12pm, and 10mg at 4pm so I can take the Psyllium before bed.

Someone stear me in the right direction here. I feel sick and in hell (think benzo hell) but also am not sure if I'm in tolerance to HC either.

I took 10 mg of the 20 daily I usually take of HC at 4pm, and feel much stronger, so I perhaps thought that may signal my body is desiring more HC now because of the larger than usual spike at that time...

...ok, enough rambling.

I'm lost. Please, someone help me.


PS: Tack on a few avocados in there as far as the diet goes.

Also, should mention, I feel sick now everytime I take my Valium w/a worsening of symptoms.

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