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Re: day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick green mucus, difficult to bring up. No parasites but suspect candida on the run.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick green mucus, difficult to bring up. No parasites but suspect candida on the run.

Brandy dear, thanks for your input. I am concerned as almost at the end of my one month humaworm and feel results could have been much more productive.

When you had a fever was you by chance bringing up thick mucus or experience candida balls/tonsilloliths/candida in lungs? The lump is realllly irritating, previous issues with these things i've been able to cough them out or manipulate the tonsils but this ball is lodged in lung opening/lower throat and I cannot reach it, it's disgusting but at times I can smell it and smell it on other peoples breath from time to tie, I feel like bringing it up with them at times and trying to help. At the same time I understand this is largely a personal journey and may be embarrasing admitting/facing/discussing for many.

It felt like ulcer pain for a while and given stress/lifestyle I had come to that conclusion. This was 5 or 6 years back and I began to treat ulcer with likes of mastic/berberine/antifungals/virals/bacterials not dissimilar to candida supps. The ulcer symptoms never cleared so around 18 months back I did a h pylori test at home, positive!

I continued treating candida in the 101 ways I could in the hope this would also continue aiding healing the ulcer. The shooting pains when breathing come and go, they are in a morning, first few breaths, right over the solar plexus. sharp and stabbing like pains. A few months back I have a really intense bout of pain with it for an hour or so where it felt as though it had perforated, as there was no GI bleeding and digestion (although not at full chat) had not changed. In recent days/weeks the pains are quite mild in comparison to years gone by although still have the raw shooting/stabbing pain for first few breaths in a morning. In particular when I eat I can feel movement in my stomach over where the shooting pain is, one part is saying ulcer, other part is saying perforated ulcer (i'd expect more serious symptoms however eat really clean) and another part (the part I was hoping for) Is that it is a gateway/cave that parasites are living in like the guould from stargate haha and that humaworm is gonna terminate tham and set me free... Humaworm not set me free just yet :/ dark circles are much clearer, lungs are clearer and i'm sure some microscopid critters are terminated, also digestion seems a little more consistent so it has certainly served some purpose. I really need this to be my solution though, really had enough now and need to grow/live again, life has not been normal for a loooong time if ever at all, I want to be free.

Did you do humacleanse also?? The only things I could possibly call parasite/odd looking on the way out were when doing the humacleanse although upon further inspection the psyllium is like elastic when passed and the slimy stuff appear to be mucus rather than worms of any kind.

Other than that the only visible is one tiny ball of what looked to be candida (possible mucus again), a tiiiiny remnant of a fluke and tiiiny remnant of tapeworm. I know that for the scale of probs and despite clean living/previous efforts, there is more than this in the body keeping my tongue white/ red spots on tongue, hygiene issues and stomach pains.

I was happy, successful and well liked then the four worse years of my life happened and 6+ years on still picking up the pieces. Single, living with Mom, living in the now but with what hopes for the future. I am so good with kids, generous and loving, unfortunate circumstance however has turned me into an undesired recluse, little hope for the future and avoided like the plague. It's like the negativities work synergistically to keep me in that low vibration when I had sneak previews of my potential from a relatively young age. It's had to lose all that and release the negativity with losing what at some time i'd have considered the perfect life. Not to get all Jerry Springer. You have already been kind enough too Brandy, do not give yourself too much in replying I find it is simply nice to get somethings off of the chest to aid release. Sob stories and sympathy votes are not a way forward for many, becoming a part of their identity (in my case also) in many cases keeping their afflictions experiences and associated emotions surfacing. It helps to just get it off chest cheers!

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