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Methods To Ease Herxheimer Die-Off Syndrome
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Published: 9 years ago
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Methods To Ease Herxheimer Die-Off Syndrome

Reborn -

You're experiencing the Herxheimer parasite die-off syndrome. 

It occurs during the initial period of drug treatment when the parasite burden is heavy.  All your body systems are in overdrive, eliminating the remains of the dead organisms & the toxins they release.

Although the side effects are unpleasant & alarming, it's actually a sign that the drugs are working.

The good news is that it will taper off as you gradually thin out the herd.

There are several methods to assist the body during this phase of treatment.  Excerpt from my post on the Herxheimer Reaction (

"What To Do For A Herx Reaction:
If it's mild enough that you can bear it without extreme discomfort, the best approach is to continue treatment & assist the body in eliminating toxins as quickly as possible by the methods below.

If it's severe, cutting back on the dosage or frequency of meds can help to lessen symptoms but still allow the healing process to continue. Sometimes stopping for a day or so & then beginning again at a lesser dosage can allow for quick relief.

The best assistance for the body is drinking plenty of fluids daily (8 glasses, 8oz ea).

Other helpful suggestions:
~ Get plenty of sunshine & fresh air.
~ Minimize exercise for the detox period ~ rest as much as possible.
~ Keep organs of elimination functioning properly (bowels, lungs, skin, kidneys, & lymph).
~ Keep the diet light so the body isn't loaded with added chemicals & toxins to eliminate.
~ Take Vitamin C, 1000-3000mg, daily.
~ Drink 1/2 squeezed lemon in 4 oz water, 2-4 times daily.
~ Take cold-press olive oil first thing in the morning.
~ Take sea salt or epson salts baths or steam baths & saunas.
~ Take oral antihistamines for itching, rashes, & swelling.

The most important advice for a Herx reaction is to “bear with the process." It's usually over within a few days & is well worth the cleansing & healing results.

Just remember: "If it doesn't kill ya, it'll make ya stronger" ~ lol."

Since you have a history of liver issues, suggest the following:

Take Milk Thistle, 1 tab, 125mg, twice daily. This supplement helps to repair impaired liver functioning & provides support in eliminating toxins. Benefits of Milk Thistle:

Take NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), 1 tab, 600mg, 3 times daily. Benefits of NAC:

"N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is an amino-acid derivative (small protein) with over 40 years of scientific research to back it up. NAC’s powerful health benefits derive from its ability to restore intracellular levels of glutathione (GSH), which is the body’s most powerful antioxidant.

Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant that helps the liver to protect you against toxicity, and it is most needed by those with liver disease. The stress of chronic liver disease depletes glutathione and this is why supplementing with one of its precursors, NAC helps to protect against ongoing liver damage.

NAC is a modified form of the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine. NAC replenishes intracellular levels of glutathione (GSH), which restores your cells’ ability to fight damage from free radicals known as reactive oxygen species."

Rest assured that you have the upper hand in this battle -- the enemy is defenseless against your arsenal of weapons.

Cheers - ICU


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