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Re: Suspected Candidia - colon cleansing
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Suspected Candidia - colon cleansing

Hi cloggedup76,

I am replicating part of my blog. Also check the sites listed at the end of this message.

Cleansing Enemas in general:       
Enemas are an effective and rapid way of emptying your bowels and should be used before, during and after fasting.

Procedure for cleansing enemas
(for retention enemas see below):
Pour the solution into the enema bag or bucket. Release any air from the enema tube, lubricate the tip of the enema nozzle and the insert the nozzle into your rectum.. The best position to assume when receiving an enema is "shoulders lower than the anus." After the liquid has been inserted, roll onto your back, and finally roll over and lie on your right side. As you are doing this, massage your colon to help loosen any fecal matter. Start on your right side and gradually move your fingers up toward the bottom of your rib cage, then across your abdomen and down the left side. Expel.

For a more complete and deeper cleansing of the bowels, you can use a colon tube instead of the usual enema nozzle, The colon tube is a flexible tube usually made of rubber with a diameter from approximately 1/4" to 1/2" that is inserted through the anus into the colon going through the rectum and the sigmoid section. It usually ends either in the transverse section or the ascending section depending of its length, usually 20" to 50".

This is the general procedure unless otherwise stated.

Small enema
This enema is a fast way to move any fecal matter out of the lower portion of your bowels. This enema can also be used while fasting to relieve the headaches sometimes caused by a fast-induced release of  toxins.

Preparation of solution.
This enema should consist of 1 quart warm water with one teaspoon of liquid Castile soap.

Follow procedure above. Try to retain for 2 to 5 minutes then expel. Repeat until you use the whole quart. End with a 1 quart plain water enema to rinse out any soap left in your bowels.

Cleansing Soapsuds Enema
Also called SSE. This enema is for a general cleansing and is probably the most commonly  administered enema.  It may be taken any time without prior cleansing.

Preparation of solution

For easiest procedure use liquid Castile soap, 1 teaspoon per quart of very warm water.  Prepare 2 bags of  2 quarts. You can also use solid bar of Castile soap or plain, unscented, Ivory soap bar.

Start by flowing the enema into the bowels. Note that 2 quarts is a lot of liquid. If you experience any pain during the injection, stop the flow, remain in the same position, take deep breath and hold for a few seconds, expel your breath, hold for a few seconds and repeat  until the pain subsides. Then resume the enema flow. If you expel the liquid before all of it has been injected, simply begin the process over again. Hold the solution in your body for three or four minutes before allowing it to be expelled. After two or three sessions, you will find it easier to hold the liquid. You need to take the whole 2 quarts in the last session.

Repeat the above procedure until you have used up all 2 enemas of 2 quarts each. This may take 5 or more sessions. Expel and rest for 20 minutes.

If this enema is to be  a deep cleansing enema, take additional soapsuds enemas until the fluid expelled is clear of  any solid material. My recommendation is to use a minimum of 3 bags of 2 quarts.

End the session by taking a 2 quarts of  warm saline solution and follow above procedure to rinse the soapsuds solution out of your bowels. See Salt Water enema.

I hope this helps you. Also check these other sites.



Other websites:


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