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Re: S.Boulardii- is this die off?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: S.Boulardii- is this die off?

In five years wasting thousands and giving nigh on every ounce of energy in an attempt to rid candida. I do not know one person from the thousands I have spoken with who have actually cured candida, it has always resurfaced, these thousands of people I have actually witnessed/contacted/been involved with have spent millions alone, imagine how far the candida network stretches... Imagine how many billions the industry littered with easy money 'experts' is worth. The only people claiming to have actually cured candida are those selling their 'expert book', herbal formulas, threelac, coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, psyllium husk, parasite cleanses, natural Antibiotics , berberine, garlic, echinecea, fungal defense, garden of life, homeopathic solutions, supers greens, juice cleanse book, master cleanse formula, fluconazole, nystatin, apple cider vinegar, probiotic 10 trillion plus, kefir grains, kombucha, enema bags, cure yeast for good book etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

You think of a cure, ask me about it. I will have tried it and can tell you it does not work. It is all a load of BS, it may be hard to believe but this is an engineered industry, man made, mind made, a disease of the mind.

The evil in this world zap your life energy and feed you stories tat your mind makes real in order to cash in on your physical cash and spiritual energy, the two believe it or not are the same.

Some dude looking professional enough with a believable enough rhetoric tarts his theory up as logic then rapes as much of your money (energy) as he possibly can.

Do not get drawn into this curse, there are evil forces at work here, do not believe what anyone says, you do not have candida, it is all in your head, do not get drawn down this path.

I am five years down the line, with no job, no sex drive, no energy, lost most of my body weight, failing organs/nutrient malabsorption, depression, stress and a whole host of candida symptoms remaining. It is because I simply do not believe anything will work. That is the only reason none of this has worked, the negative/limiting belief. Belief is the key to all, if you believe you have candida, you do, if you believe you can fix it you can, if you believe you can hit that £10k sales figure you do, if you believe Jimmy will pass his exams, he does.

Belief creates all, fear and doubt is the killer of belief, you will mainly find fear and doubt in these forums so make a wise move, leave and get on with your life in as positive a manner as possible. It is easy to get drawn into the habit of no hope when it comes to hanging around with candida no hopers, trust me you do not have candida, whatever you see in your body happening is happening because of an emotional imbalance you must deal with rather than a physical.

Do not give anyone your hard earned money because whatever they steal from you, their snake oil will not work.

Develop your mind and consciousness. Exercise, think positive and study study study to encourage positive and beneficial thought patterns/beliefs. Turn off the TV, do the best you can in every way possible and don't you worry, something I should've done a looooooong time ago.

Sugar theory... I did zero carbs for a year + all organic... Juicing, I juice fasted for a month...
2 week water fasting...
Organic... Yup, long time organic...
One month master cleanse... Check...
Colon cleansing... Yup, lots of that...
2 liters of kefir per day yup, three months worth...
Dairy free... 6 months, check....
parasite cleansing, one month check...
Liver flushing... yup a number of those...
Salt water flushing... Yup...
Vegetarian... Check 12 months...
Neti pot/sinus clearing, yup...
Hydrogen peroxide... Yup, daily for a month
Alkalising diet, yuuuuppp...
Only spring water. yup.
Mineral baths/ Epsom Salt baths, check.
Bicarbonate of soda, yup.

Bored yet??? I've read every book being sold by Candida 'experts' (thankfully I was not stupid enough to spend money on these, thanks google), watched months worth of videos by youtube expert wannabes, who look like they aint got the backbone to scare a new born baby let alone rid candida and tried night on every supplement on the market literally around 100 different herbs/supplements/superfoods/chemicals/antifungals/medicines (no exagerration)

Another one you may find quite shocking... The candida cleaner, Dr Jennifer Daniels ... Yup I DRANK TURPENTINE!!!... At first taking the recommended dose advised by yet another 'experts' book.... When that didn't work a tripled the dose... According to FDA I should be dead by now. Death would be a walk in the park compared to dealing with candida, bring it on.

Basically if anything worked for you you were tricked, it was the mere belief that it will work that made it work... And I am so f***ing jealous because I can not find the strength to believe in anything anymore in realising this whole life is a lie.

Do not get drawn in. Go now whilst you can, the snake charmer is hypnotising YOU! The dancing snake is a mere attraction to have you stick around.

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