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Re: Do not fall for the candida trap. You are just fine...
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Do not fall for the candida trap. You are just fine...

Five years? That's all...try twenty five years.

Yes, I've tried absolutely everything you named and more, including the Turpentine - Sugar cube cure, H2O2, Zappers, prescription approaches, non-prescription approaches, diets, homemade kefir, homemade yogurt, herbs, spices and every combination therein.

I agree with you that there are many out there that are out to make a buck over this, but I disagree with you that it's not real. It's real, and the mainstream is just now discovering it's importance. The US NIH is sinking big taxpayer dollars into the Human Microbiome Project

You say in one breath that it's not real, and in another that there's no cure. Well if it's not real then there's no need for a cure. Either that or it's not real and there IS a cure, which you say is just believe that you're cured and then it will be so.

The real reason there's no cure is because everyone's microbiome is unique and therefore the disruption in the microbiome resulting from overprescription of Antibiotics and addiction to Sugar becomes unique to each individual. Candida has become a generic term used to for every bacterial imbalance for every individual.

My doctors started chasing my external fungal infections and rashes long before the word candida ever reached my eyes or ears. When a dermatologist in the late 80's finally told me I had candidiasis, I thought he was a nut case. Back then the only book I could find was "The Yeast Syndrome". I read it, and it made sense, but it offered no magic bullet. In fact, to this day, there still is no magic bullet. Nonetheless, my dermatologist said "here take this" (Nystatin Powder). "Start with a toothpick tip dosage once per day, working up very slowly to 1/8th tsp 3X per day."

But how could that small of an amount make that much difference? If a little is good then a lot must be better, right? Well, I started in patiently with the tiny amounts and Holy Crap! My white coated tongue developed patches where the white coating was completely gone. The skin on the palms of my hands and fingers peeled off like a molting snake. The same happened to the soles of my feet. It actually hurt to walk because my feet were so tender while the skin was shedding. I also had red streaks under my skin on my arms and legs. I had incredible energy as my tongue cleared as did all of my fungal infections. It was freakish. Of course I felt that if I could feel this good, I should take more and feel better and then WHAM! Just a few weeks later I crashed. I was sicker than ever. I was barely functioning and much worse than when this whole adventure started.

Now start going down the list of "cures". Nystatin wasn't going to work again so what the hell do I have now? Let's do a CDSA.

If you want to prove or disprove the presence of "Candida" aka any kind of intestinal bacterial/fungal overgrowth have a CDSA performed I did so in the early 90's at came back with the results "severe dysbiosis" with overgrowths (amounts way above normal) of Candida Parapsilosis, Staph Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Look these up. these are organisms that are killing people in hospitals because they are Antibiotic resistant in some cases. No wonder I couldn't function. How did I get here? Antibiotics during childhood...bouts with Strep Throat, ear infections, etc., I strongly suspect.

The CDSA report also came back with undigested fats and recommendations for both prescription and non-prescription courses that might be effective against the three organisms that were identified. One of them was Tanalbit. By itself, it was pretty effective for me, but in larger doses. But whenever I discontinued use, the symptoms crept back.

As I said earlier I've tried everything on the vast list of "remedies" that I could find in literature, both prescription and non-prescription, and it amounts to everything on your list and more. I stumbled on the one-two punch for me when I combined Tanalbit with Clarke Liver Flushes. That was my "cure". I put the word in quotation marks because I don't really know how to make it permanent. Today I'll just say that I'm in "remission" in that I can eat and drink whatever I want, when I want, within reason, with no adverse effects. I also am now a Crossfit Athlete and have been a runner now for 17 years including a Boston Qualifying Marathon.

My advice to the throngs that believe that they have this condition called "Candidiasis", is to have a CDSA 2.0 performed. If it tells you something like it told me, then go after it, because it can be real. If it tells you nothing, then look elsewhere. I recommend the same for you, before coming to this site proclaiming that it's a made up condition.

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