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Re: Pets in Heaven
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Pets in Heaven

I just (May 3, 2014) lost my fur baby boy, Cash, to "murder". He was an 11 lb. Miniature Pinscher. He was the light of my life also. I love that boy to no end. Everything in my life was going so great. We had just sold our house and moved to our temporary home while we build our permanent home. We only had 2 weeks to move out of our home and our new temp. home (future workshop) was still without power and water, but I was so happy to be moving toward my goals that having no power and water was a non-issue. We moved in one Sunday and the next Saturday we were outside eating breakfast with our 3 dogs next to us. My mother-in-law drove up with her 4 dogs. She lives on the same property we are building on so this was not an unusual occurrence for her to drive around on her Easy Go doing various farm duties. My little Min Pin was sweet and sooo super loving, but he also had little man syndrome and he thought all food was his. He was not aggressive at all, but he tortured my 2 girls (dogs) anytime they had food/treats. They understood this and played the game with him. He was small and cute so he got away with things that my girls never would have gotten away with. He was on the table while we were eating and my M-I-L's biggest dog (60+ lbs) simply walked in between my husband and me. Cash jumped down, ran over to the dog, jumped up at his face, and growled. That dog snatched him up and started shaking him. The whole incident was less than 10-15 seconds, but when we finally got Cash away from the dog, Cash was immediately probably 5 times the size he was. All I could think was "he's choking, I have to get his collar off". He was biting me while I was trying to undo it. He was alive and appeared ok except for the severe swelling that reduced tremendously after the collar was removed. I jumped in the car to rush him to the emergency vet, which was only about 10 minutes away. On the way up there, he was in the passenger floor board and he looked so scared. I kept calling him to my lap and he finally came. He still appeared ok except for being swollen. I cried all the way to the vet. They checked him out and said it was too early to tell, but from all examinations it appeared that he was going to be ok. They didn't feel the need for an xray because he was breathing normal, etc. and they explained the swelling as little dog shaken syndrome and loosening of the skin from the body. I was a little relieved and they carted him off to the back for cleaning of the wounds, a steroid injection for the swelling, an Antibiotic injection for the 2 tooth puncture wounds, and a shot for pain (he did not appear to be in any). The vet later returned to tell me that as they were getting ready for the injections, he started to swell again and they were going to need to do surgery to place drains to help with that. We agreed, signed the consent forms, and went home to wait. A couple of hours later I got a call. I almost skipped to the phone because I just knew they were calling to tell me that the surgery went well and he was going to be ok. That wasn't the case. The vet called to tell me that he had started having trouble breathing and upon xray they discovered he now had a collapsed lung. They were giving him oxygen and she suggested we come and say goodbye because she was not optimistic that he would make it. I was so devastated. My husband and I jumped in the car and ran red lights all the way there. He looked so scared and he was sedated with several drain tubes sticking out of his little body. I couldn't pet him for fear I would hurt him because he was so swollen. I kissed him and talked to him and stroked his nose. We then left him to hopefully get better. The vet said he still had a chance or I would have had them euthanize him to end his suffering. About an hour later the vet called to tell me he had passed. We had to go get him. I held him, wrapped in his blanket, all the way home, sobbing. We held him a little longer to say our last goodbyes and to tell him how much we dearly loved him and how we will miss him forever. My husband built him a box and we placed him in it, still wrapped in his blanket, along with his favorite toy. We buried him in our recently started pet cemetery. He was the 3rd dog buried there. For 3 days after, I really struggled with not knowing if he is ok now. I didn't want him to be cold, alone, and scared. I desperately searched for answers. I am not a religious person. I wasn't raised to be. I don't think I am an atheist, but I just find it hard to believe in what I cannot see. I am a woman of Science and need concrete evidence. I was searching for near-death experiences where their lost pets were waiting for them on the other side. This site really comforted me and I was finally able to accept that he would never be here with me physically again, but that he is in his healthy body and is doing great. I have a new perspective on religion. This site and my experience has changed my perspective on life. I am not afraid to die because I know there will be many loved ones, including my sweet babies, waiting there to welcome me and we can be together again.

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