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Father and Son on Iodine, Changed Together
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Published: 7 years ago

Father and Son on Iodine, Changed Together

Father and Son on Iodine, Changed Together
our story...


Hi you all! My name is Lloyd,  I have been coping with terrible health problems for as long as I can remember. This past few weeks have truly been an emotional roller coaster and I don't quite know where to start. I guess it all began on a rainy Monday in April, as usual I got up with terrible back pain and a throbbing headache (no morning erection whatsoever). I dragged myself into the shower with blurred vision and an unusual feeling of impending doom, and then it happened... I fainted. Oh I saw God and his angels!... The fire of hell, what could've been and should've been. Who I was... Metaphorically speaking of course.
After that incident I called off my work and started doing serious research on the internet, I found it. Curezone, Iodine... "This is it!" I thought. "This is it..." I ordered a bottle of 5% lugol's off ebay and it arrived in 2(!) days. How excited I was!
Fast forward to Wednesday I got the bottle out of the package, it was a lot smaller than I expected (10ml) but hey, it works in small quantities so it seemed reasonable. Now my 19 year old son was dealing with a lot of stuff (migraines, anxiety, depression, he was very skinny) so I thought it might be a good idea for him to also take the Iodine. He was skeptical at first but then I showed him the research which made him wanna give it try.
So we took the iodine after dinner (about 12 drops in a glass of OJ) did taste a little funny but not all that bad. I got on the computer, read some more about Iodine and after about an hour, it really really hit me. Like a veil was lifted. It felt like my blood was rushing down from my head like a whoosh and I just wanted to crack my back and it did, boy it did. My body went to its most natural state like it had never been before. This was how I was meant to feel! My son appeared in the doorway and we just looked at each other, bewildered and amazed. I knew he must've felt the same as I did... "Hold me!" he said... and I took him in my arms and we broke down in tears. We shivered and we cried. Years of trouble, doubt, suppressed emotions, it all came out. We cried about the divorce and how I never got to be the father that I wanted to be for him, how it all made sense now. Barely did we ever even have a conversation, yet here we were, a vulnerable father and his son, in each others arms, crying.
That night I called my ex-wife to come over and talk things through with me and our son. She immediately noticed a change in my voice and initially thought I was drunk, since I was calling her at about 1am. I briefly explained what just had happened to us but she didn't understand it. She arrived after a 1 hour drive dazzled by our excitement. We sat down and I told her everything about the Iodine and how it changed us and our health. We talked about our lives and the universe and how things just took an unfortunate turn because of my health and our son's depression. It had all been too much for us to cope with in our relationship. Later on I gave her the Iodine and she said it felt so great. it was all so meant be! It felt like a fresh start for all of us. We sat together in the garden, in a drum circle eventually. Pure bliss! We laughed and smiled, we took some more Iodine and we drummed into the night, content and grounded, until the sun came up from behind the mountains, it was perfect! The sign of a new beginning!

I am so happy to say we are back together now and our mental/physical health couldn't be any better. My son and I are spending time together again and we have never been this close as a family. I'm in tears writing this and I want to thank you all for introducing me to this MIRACULOUS, life changing potion!

Lots of love, Lloyd McLeigh.
And may God bless the United States of America!


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