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Re: Therapeutic dosage for asthma?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Therapeutic dosage for asthma?

We were all very close by trying iodine, but no cigar. We were trying the wrong iodine & not enough of it
My experience is that the lungs more or less fill up with phlegm and it becomes difficult to breath, (tight chest) and the phlegm is so thick it can't be coughed out. I used to get easily winded and very little energy. Any exercise brought on an asthma attack. I have been into an emergency downward spiral 2 times where I had to see the doctor for special drugs & medications (Powerful course of Steroid shots & Pills) to clear out the lungs. Lung sacs actually get plugged up and the plugs will not come out, coughing or not. Allergies constrict the airways making it hard to breath. The combination of constricted airways & congested lungs can be life threatening. People have died from this deadly combination! I could have died it was so bad. Steroid drugs saved my life.

It is well known that Iodine cures dry skin, dry eyes, dry nose and dry mouth. It is also well known that the lungs require Potassium Iodide (Not Iodine). But clearing the lungs for a chest cold or an asthmatic? That is censored information. Drug companies don't want us using cheap iodine for THAT! It is far too lucrative to sell us patented drugs & expensive over the counter medicines that don't do much.

I may have been among the first to notice the connection between SSKI and the lungs recently. Only a person suffering with asthma would notice the difference, and then among that group, how many have experimented with high doses of SSKI? I haven't needed my inhaler since starting SSKI and I don't even get tired & winded (coughing) during Romance!
I have just discovered ( actually re-discovered) the answer:
The lungs have an affinity to iodide, not iodine. Here is the ideal expectorant to clear the lungs that is buried in history with my comments added:
(Trapper's SSKI = 30mg per drop)
"When my Dad graduated from medical school 60 years ago this summer, the go to cough expectorant that was prescribed by physicians at the time was super saturated Potassium Iodide (SSKI). SSKI was an inexpensive and highly effective tool for deep rooted congestion that was beyond the reach of the cilia, the tiny hairlike projections that line the upper half of the lower respiratory tract, gently sweeping debris and mucous out of the lungs. Old time pharmacists regularly filled prescriptions for SSKI although today, most pharmacists less than about 60 years old would likely scratch their heads should such a scr1pt be requested.

SSKI works spectacularly well for thinning and clearing mucous deep inside the lungs so that it is more easily coughed up.
(**It is miraculous-Grizz) This function is very beneficial because when mucous is rooted deep inside the lungs, coughing is the only way to get it out.
(**SSKI thins the mucous so much that just normal breathing expels it-Grizz) When I was a child, my Dad would give us 4-5 drops
(**30mg per drop-Grizz)
of SSKI in a small glass of water or juice at breakfast time as a cough expectorant if we had any lung congestion. A few minutes later, he would instruct us to take a couple of deep, slow breaths which would immediately trigger a coughing spell to clear out the trapped congestion. SSKI works very very fast to thin the mucous and act as a natural cough expectorant. As a child, I noticed that it would only take a few minutes and the ease of coughing up any mucous was very noticeable. 4-5 (120mg to 150mg) drops per day could be continued for a week or at most two with no ill effect. If a cough was severe, 4-5 drops twice a day
(**240mg to 300mg a day- Grizz)
could be used for up to a week to clear very thick, infected mucous. Sometimes, after a few days of using SSKI, I would notice a bit of a metal taste in my mouth and that would be a signal to reduce the dose a bit or taper it off if my cough had resolved sufficiently. For the past 3 decades since leaving my parentís home for college, I have always kept a small bottle of SSKI in my medicine cabinet. Even though I didnít eat very well in college and throughout my 20′s, I credit use of this age old remedy for keeping me med free during any bouts with colds or flu. Other more expensive cough expectorants on the market which contain the drug Guaifenesin donít work nearly as well as SSKI in my experience and these medicines are loaded with additives and other undesirable chemicals. SSKI, on the other hand, is just a simple compound consisting of two elements: potassium and iodine. Nothing else is added! Next time you need a cough expectorant, why donít you try SSKI? No doubt, when you ask your doctor for a scr1pt for this simple remedy, you will get a very quizzical look! Itís time to bring back into popularity some of these old time remedies that work great, are very inexpensive, and have no nasty additives Ė wouldnít you agree? *Important Note: Lugolís or potassium Iodide liquid that you can order online or get at the healthfood store IS NOT THE SAME THING as SSKI. You must inquire at a compounding pharmacy or from a physician who can write prescriptions.

(** Trapper's SSKI to the rescue ! )

- See more at:

My own experience: SSKI has dramatically changed my life. I take a dropper full of SSKI daily (about 400mg a day) and the results are miraculous. Chest tightness GONE, asthma GONE, energy back, and all of this without even coughing. The Mucous is so thinned out that it just naturally comes out all day long. I was literally walking around starving for oxygen! A case of walking pneumonia !
I also have been taking 50mg iodoral a day successfully for my prostate. Iodoral 50mg has 30mg of KI, but that is just not enough to help my lungs. The lungs need a MUCH larger dosage. 400mg SSKI works perfectly for me. It may require more or less for others. Trapper says 1 gram of SSKI is not a problem.

More links:
"Potassium iodide is used to loosen and break up mucus in the airways. This helps you cough up the mucus so you can breathe more easily if you have long-term lung problems (e.g., asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema). This medication is known as an expectorant."
"Potassium iodide liquid is an expectorant. It works by thinning mucous secretions (phlegm) in the lungs and making it less sticky. The mucus is easier to cough up. This reduces chest congestion, which helps make your coughs more productive."

More about iodine:

If large doses of SSKI cures your lung congestion problems, please post your story at the VWT Iodine Forum:

NOTE: Iodine or SSKI must be taken with the required co-supplements:



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