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Re: Adrenal fatigue? Please Help!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Adrenal fatigue? Please Help!

Hi, I had EXTREME fatigue which lasted around 10 years - up to the point when I gave up thinking it's normal for an adult person to be fatigued all the time. It was 24/7 nightmare.

Also I had an awful Acne on my back (which I also thought will be with me all my life), enlarged liver.

But now it's all gone and I can describe how I overcame it.

1) Let me start with the Sun (just because it's too overlooked). It helps me a lot to feel better. Just go outside, turn your eyelids to the sun and bath them in warm rays - as if you were looking through your eyelids to the sun. 5 minutes is OK for the first week. After 4-7 days muscles in your eyes will become stronger (light causes tension in eye muscles). I'm looking straight at sun everyday with opened eyes. 5-10 minutes and I feel refreshed. If I have more time I can do it for few hours. I do it even at 1 p.m. when sun is most powerful. I'm doing it last 10 years - and my eyes are still fine. However I wouldn't advice 1pm to anyone - probably it's more safe to do it in the morning and after 5p.m.

2) Coffee / Energy drinks. I used it A LOT. Now I'm not. It depletes energy from your body. The more your drink - more fatigued you are. Google about it. It is VERY IMPORTANT. Never drink coffee. Never. You can take tons of minerals but they will not work as long as you continue to drink coffee. I'm talking it from my own experience.

3) Minerals. Here's the list which cured my fatigue (probably you need something else as well but it's a good start anyway):
- MSM 4-12 grams daily. 12 grams make me overly energized + insomnia, so top dosage isn't for every day.
- Zinc (with copper for balance) - 60mg every day first 3 weeks, then decrease to 30mg and continue several months.
- Magnesium citrate / or malate - 450mg daily, better to split the dose throughout a day (150mg x 3 times)
- Iodine - "Iosol" (see on iHerb) or Lugol. People on curezone advice to use high dose of Lugol - 50mg daily. I started Iodine ("Iosol") not long time ago so I can't elaborate on this. Currently I'm using 12mg daily and I definitely have more energy.
- Selenium - to balance Iodine, 200mcg daily

Please note that Zinc / MSM / Iodine will start to remove toxins from your body. First week you will feel awful - tired, depressed, headaches, nightmares, pimples. As soon as you'll become clean you'll start to feel great. People who start Iodine report about strong detox effects. I cleaned my body prior to Iodine by Zinc+MSM. So when I started Iodine I felt nothing but instant increase of energy. I had a terrible Acne on my back all my life. When I started Zinc+MSM Acne became even worse which was terrifying. But then I noticed that I started to slowly fade away. Now my back is 100% clear. I still can't believe it.

My energy changed from "always low, depressed, tired and moody" to "always high and positive". I never feel a need to drink a coffee - my mind and body is always awake.

4) Food. I don't eat meat/fish, sugar, bread, dairy products. So yes I'm vegetarian but at the same time I'm exercising 3 times a week - and I gained great looking muscles and I feel just awesome all the time. So who said vegetarians are always skinny and weak?

Now regarding one of your issues:
Excessive Thirst / Urinating - this is a sign of diabetes. Google it. I'm not saying you are diabetic already but your body probably goes this way so you must pay attention to it.

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